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<ng2-markdown> - Angular2 Markdown Web Component
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A Markdown component for Angular2+ with fully themable syntax highlighting.

Markdown parsing is provided by Showdown. Syntax highlighing is provided by PrismJS

To see a working example checkout the ng2-markdown-demo project.

Now compatible with Angular 4+. Bundled to work Typescript, ES5, and ES6+ flavors of Angular.



jspm install ng2-markdown=github:evanplaice/ng2-markdown
jspm install prismjs=npm:prismjs
jspm install showdown=npm:showdown


npm install ng2-markdown


1. Import the component

  import { MarkdownComponent } from 'ng2-markdown';

Note: For a pre-minified bundle use ng2-markdown/dist/ng2-markdown.min.

2. (Optional) load a PrismJs theme if syntax highlighting is enabled

import 'prismjs/themes/[theme].css'

Replace [theme] with one of the following:

  • prism.css (Default)
  • prism-coy.css
  • prism-dark.css
  • prism-funky.css
  • prism-okaidia.css
  • prism-solarizedlight.css
  • prism-tomorrow.css
  • prism-twilight.css

Note: Loading css via ES6 imports requires a style loader and loaders are transpiler/bundler-specific. For webpack use the style!css! prefix. For JSPM/System.js use the !css postfix.

3. (Optional) Load support for additional languages

  import 'prismjs/components/prism-[language].min';

Replace [language] with the language you'd like to include. See Languages List for a full list of supported languages.

Note: HTML, CSS, Javascript, and C-like languages are included by default.


Load Markdown from a file with syntax highlighting

This method fires off an AJAX request to load markdown from a file on the server.

<ng2-markdown [src]='/path/to/file' [highlight]='true'></ng2-markdown>

Load Markdown from a Data variable

Load Markdown data from directly from a template binding

<ng2-markdown [data]='data' [highlight]='true'></ng2-markdown>

That's it... Yes, really.

Load a series of Markdown elements

Syntax highlighting is triggered globally for every ng2-markdown element where [highlight]='true'. If it's desirable to load multiple ng2-markdown elements on a page, it's necessary to minimize the number of times a highlight event is triggered.

A easy workaround is to detect when the last ng2-markdown element is loaded and only set [highlight]='true' on that element.

<div *ngFor="let article of articles; let isLast=last" [last]="isLast">
  <ng2-markdown [src]="article.url" [highlight]="last"></ng2-markdown>



  • Modify [data] and [src] to update when the binding is modified.
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