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Double scrollbars using medium size fonts #20

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hachigoro evanshultz DarekWa pete864

I installed Nearter Bookmarks on a new laptop and I am seeing the double scrollbars problem that the old Neat Bookmarks had. It only happens on this laptop, and the only difference I see with my other computers is that here I have set up Windows 7 to use medium size fonts instead of the regular size.

I hope this helps, thanks a lot for your hard work! :)


Thanks for reporting this.

I only have a Win8 PC in front of me right now, but this is what I get with Small (Default) font size:
small default

And here's Medium:

My LCD has a native 1680x1050 resolution, and I don't see this problem with Medium fonts at any resolution, even down to the minimum 1024x768 of my LCD. What is the current resolution of your laptop versus your other computers? If you change the resolution of your laptop, can you make the second scrollbar go away? While I don't think this should have any effect, I guess you can try it.


I have tried again setting it to small fonts with the same results. My native resolution on the laptop that causes problems is 1600x900, but I have also tried using 1280x720 with the same results. On my other laptop I use 1440x900 and there it works fine. On another PC using Windows XP and a 1280x1024 resultion it also works fine.

The laptop that causes problems is set in Spanish rather than English. Thanks a lot!



This is probably a silly question, but are you sure you have Neater Bookmarks installed on this computer? Neat Bookmarks has this double scrollbar issue, and multiple versions are in the Chrome Web Store (but not for long...). They have the same toolbar icon and look almost identical, so it could be confusing.

Also, assuming you do have Neater Bookmarks installed, please check the extension version by going to chrome://extensions/. The latest version is "0.9.6":

The double scrollbar was fixed in v0.9.5. Is it possible that this computer has an older version of Neater Bookmarks and isn't connected to the internet so it can't download updates to extensions?

You could also try changing this computer to English at chrome://settings/languages, but I don't think it will do anything. I haven't heard of double scrollbars in any language after Neater Bookmarks v0.9.5 and I don't have any issue when I switch to Spanish with Medium fonts:


I checked that I had Neater bookmarks and not another. At first I was not sure because it was called the Spanish name "Marcadores elegantes". However from the Options page I get all the links to Neater bookmarks and version is 0.9.6. I just installed in another laptop with the Spanish version and Windows XP and it works well. It just shows the double bars on the laptop with Windows 7 and 1600x900 resolution. It's quite intriguing for me too :)


Could you please contact me at so I can try to help you deal with this issue?



I have the same issue on my Chrome 24.0.1312.57 m with Neater Bookmarks 0.9.6.
I have Windows 7 64bit with screen resolution 1920x1080.
Can you help me to remove doubled scroll bar?



Same problem here. I can fix and reproduce this problem at will. The problem appear when I apply a fixed magnifying zoom for all web pages in the advanced settings of Google Chrome, in my case: 150%. When I go back to 100% the double scroll bars disappear.

Just using the Individual web pages zoom setting of 150% using the button: "Customize and Control Google Chrome" button does not make the bug appear only the fix zoom amount for all web pages in the advanced settings (Customize and Control Google Chrome Button>>Settings>>Show Advanced Settings)

You also need to have a long list of Bookmarks for this bug to show itself.

Other extensions using scrolling pop ups are also affected by this bug like: "sexy history viewer"

I bet it has to do with this:

Found in: chrome://flags/

"Accelerated overflow scroll Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Android
When possible, puts the scrolling contents of an overflow scrolling element onto a composited layer for faster scrolling."

The problem is that the scrolling panes are far from overflowing and only takes half the screen height.

Playing with this setting does nothing.


Thank you, pete864. Great sleuthing! Since this appears to affect other extensions, it may be a Chrome issue and not something I can fix. Let me check it out and see what I can do.

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