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JeremyWW commented Jan 5, 2013


Thanks for Neater Bookmarks - very, very useful extension. I only have one niggle:

I like NB to remember the top level 'Bookmarks Bar' folder in it's open state, but any sub-folders I open I'd like to have close automatically after using a bookmark within one of them. Is it possible to have a 'remember open / closed state' setting on a per folder basis?

Many Thanks


evanshultz commented Jan 13, 2013

Thank you for the kind words, Jeremy.

If I understand, you want critical bookmarks (in the Bookmarks Bar folder) always visible, but you want all other folders to stay collapsed to that you can see a larger number of folders (and not their child bookmarks) each time you open the popup. Is that correct?

If so, I can see a little value in this suggestion. It could save a bit of scrolling which is probably likely to happen each time the popup is opened (depending on the number of critical bookmarks, bookmark folders, bookmarks in the opened folder). However, if the scroll position of the popup is saved the opened folder is already visible so you may only save the work of a single click to close the currently-opened folder. It may also be easier to use the address bar to search for bookmarks rather than using the popup. Have you tried that?

I sometimes use the search from address bar but not often, and only when I've lost a bookmark! I'm 'mouse-centric' anyway so I use the drop down all the time.

To be honest my only real need is to keep the top level Bookmarks Bar folder open whilst having the others close automatically. When I open Neater Bookmarks I can see a list of about 30 bookmarks under the Bookmarks Bar (most frequently used) and then a list of sub-folders. Rarely used bookmarks are under 'Other Bookmarks' further down. If I have 'Remember Previous State' checked in options it unfortunately means that any sub folder I open will remain open as well as the top level Bookmarks Bar folder which means when I come back to the bookmarks list later it's 'messy' - I'd like to have the same top level view every time I open it from the toolbar.

I hope that's clear! Hmmm...

Back using NB again (that must tell you something!). Any chance of you adding the feature (above) that we discussed previously?

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