"Oops, error happened, this has been reported to the developer" #9

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So could you fix this please or at least make it invisible? Cuz it doesn't affect any functions it just overlays extensions like annoying advertisment, (happens like in 30% cases after you leave browser open for a while and don't click bookmarks icon)

Screen: http://i45.tinypic.com/2nbydud.png

@evanshultz evanshultz was assigned Sep 4, 2012

Well, as I said this error's problem is only that it is being shown and you have to click it to close it and continue using bookmarks, could you just hide(not show) it? I Did that with original abandoned bookmarks extension and all worked fine.


NOTE: I moved discussion not related to this topic (discussion about particular issues) into separate issues. That way, this issue can stay focus on discussing the presence of an error message.

I don't want to hide error messages because I believe the user should know if something bad happens. I don't want a silent error to cause confusion or frustration for the user. The real solution is the fix the code so the errors don't occur! :)

I'm happy to hear your thoughts on this topic. However, I believe the major sources of crashes will be resolved in v0.9.6 and hopefully that will address this issue.


This notification mopped up only a small number of bugs, and stopping the user in their tracks for some of the bugs that would be imperceptible is bogus. The extension should allow work to get done quickly and correctly. Removing the message in 0.9.8.

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