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Zone Changes

  • Refactor of timezones in China (#13)
    • Integration of areas formerly found in Asia/Chongqing, Asia/Harbin and Asia/Kashgar into other zones
    • Expansion of Asia/Shanghai to all of China except Xinjiang
    • Asia/Urumqi is now comprised of Xinjiang
  • Fix Mexico Beach, FL by moving it to central time (#20)
  • Make Viedma glacier area work with updated OSM boundaries
  • Remove small holes and reduce geojson precision. (#11 and #17)
  • Remove zones found in backward file of timezone db (#16)
    • America/Coral_Harbour now integrated into America/Atikokan
    • America/Montreal now integrated into America/Toronto
    • See notes on China refactor for changes to Asia/Chongqing, Asia/Harbin, Asia/Kashgar, Asia/Shanghai and Asia/Urumqi
    • Asia/Rangoon renamed to Asia/Yangon
    • Pacific/Yap integrated into Pacific/Chuuk
    • Pacific/Johnston integrated into Pacific/Honolulu
  • Refactor arbitrary sea boundaries of timezones in the Gulf of St Lawrence to account for updated OSM geometry of the boundary of Quebec.
  • Add Page, AZ to America/Phoenix (#9)
  • Update to latest OSM data

Other Changes

  • Add linting of json files
    • A overpass source listed in timezones.json must have a corresponding definition in osmBoundarySources.json
    • A overpass source defined in osmBoundarySources.json must be used in at least one operation in timezones.json
    • A manual-polygon or manual-multipolygon defined in timezones.json must be accompanied with a description.
  • Add ability to build only certain zones in builder script
  • Add travis-ci builds that require linting script to pass
  • Added descriptions to manual geometries
  • Add ability to use overpass to fetch ways that represent boundaries
  • Rewrite README