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Welcome to the timezone-boundary-builder troubleshooting wiki! This page will contain common problems encountered with the script and recommendations on how to overcome them.

No data for the following query:

This error happens when no geographic data was found with a overpass query. This can happen because of 2 reasons:

  1. A feature may have been deleted from OpenStreetMap. Usually, this is due to user error and the feature should be restored in OpenStreetMap.
  2. The metadata for the feature in OpenStreetMap has changed so that the original query no longer works. Most often, some attributes of the feature will have been deleted or changed and the data should simply be corrected or added back.

Invalid geojson received in Overpass Result

This error occurs when geojson is received from Overpass, but the geojson received is invalid geojson. The particular geojson causing the issue will be saved to a file and you must manually inspect it. The library geojsonhint will give you a hint as to what line in the saved file you should look at to investigate. This error is most frequently caused by people deleting data about boundaries from relations and the boundaries must be fixed in OpenStreetMap.

Watch this video to see how to fix relations that have are missing ways:

How to fix broken relations in OpenStreetMap

Validation error: ... intersects ... area: ###

These validation errors occur when two timezone boundaries intersect by more than a trivial amount. This project produces timezones that are allowed to overlap each other, but only in certain areas as defined in the expectedZoneOverlaps.json file. A file with the overlapping areas will be outputted. If the area should be allowed to overlap, then an entry for the zone overlaps should be defined in the expectedZoneOverlaps.json file. This check is needed because there will frequently be times when the data fetched for an Overpass Turbo API query will contain a larger area than expected causing overlaps that don't make sense.