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@@ -14,18 +14,24 @@ The easiest way to use `_sh` is to put it in a place that your `PATH` can access
git clone /path/to/wherever/you/want/to/save/it
-Before you do anything with `_sh` you have to make it executable, so that you can actually run the code. Go to wherever you cloned the respository and run this.
+From the directory that you cloned `_sh`, you can run the `` installer script to create a symlink.
-chmod u+x _sh
-**Note:** This should be run from inside the repository, not from its parent directory. The `_sh` referenced here is the file (the one with all the python code), not the directory; they just happen to share the same name by default.
+That will give you a prompt where you can type the directory that you want to link `_sh` to.
-At this point you have two good options, you can either add this location to your `PATH` or you can symlink `_sh` to somewhere that your `PATH` already uses. I already have a bin scripts directory, so I symlinked `_sh` there.
+Welcome to _sh.
-ln -s /path/to/_sh /path/to/bin/directory
+Where do you want to symlink _sh? ~/bin
+ln -s /Users/evan/code/_sh/_sh /Users/evan/bin
## Usage

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