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Simplify name input checking

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commit ceee43aaf217781cd5128651e76c8cfb084a97e5 1 parent 251f23b
@evansolomon authored
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11 _sh
@@ -15,14 +15,9 @@ print "Let's get started.\n"
# Get your theme name
name = raw_input('Name? ')
-# You need to provide at least a name
-while not name:
- print "\nYou need a name for your theme.\n\n"
- name = raw_input('Name? ')
-# ... and it needs to be unique
-while os.path.exists(name) or os.path.exists(name + '.zip'):
- print "\nYou should pick a name that isn't already used for a file or directory.\n\n"
+# You need to provide a unique name for the theme
+while not name or os.path.exists(name) or os.path.exists(name + '.zip'):
+ print "\nYou need a name for your theme that doesn't match existing files or directories.\n\n"
name = raw_input('Name? ')
# Get the rest of your customizations
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