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Command line tool to generate forks of the _s WordPress starter theme
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_sh is a command line tool to generate forks of the _s WordPress starter theme. It uses to create the fork, but lets you do it entirely from the command line.

It lives at


_sh is written in Python, so you'll need to have it installed and have a way to interact with it on the command line, like in

The easiest way to use _sh is to put it in a place that your PATH can access it. First, clone this repository.

git clone /path/to/wherever/you/want/to/save/it

Before you do anything with _sh you have to make it executable, so that you can actually run the code. Go to wherever you cloned the respository and run this.

chmod u+x _sh

Note: This should be run from inside the repository, not from its parent directory. The _sh referenced here is the file (the one with all the python code), not the directory; they just happen to share the same name by default.

At this point you have two good options, you can either add this location to your PATH or you can symlink _sh to somewhere that your PATH already uses. I already have a bin scripts directory, so I symlinked _sh there.

ln -s /path/to/_sh /path/to/bin/directory


Assuming you've setup _sh to be accessible in your PATH, to use it you can just call _sh on the command line from anywhere.

When you call _sh you'll get an interactive prompt that will walk you through setting up your theme. The new theme will get created in a child directory of wherever the command is run from. Here's an example:

cd ~/code/themes

Once I run the _sh command I'll get an interactive prompt with a few questions to setup my new theme. It's hard to tell from here, but the introduction and questions all come from _sh, and the answers come from me, typed into an interactive prompt in Terminal. Most of these questions are optional; the only one you must answer is the theme's name.

I'm going to ask you for some information about your theme.

You have to give your theme a name but you can leave the others blank if you want.

Let's get started.

Name? Stella and Mojo
Slug? stellaandmojo
Author? Evan Solomon
Author URI?
Description? It's a theme named after dogs, because why the hell not.

At this point, _sh will make a request to, download a ZIP file with my new theme, and unzip it. Then I'll have a directory in ~/code/themes/stellaandmojo with my theme files.

That's it, now I've got a new fork on _s with all of my customizations setup.

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