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Kissmetrics For Developers

This is a WordPress plugin. It's intended to be used by developers, not end users. There's no user interface. Instead there is a class that interacts with the Kissmetrics API and a couple of helper functions.


Although there's no user interface, this is just a normal plugin. Install it in your /wp-content/plugin/ directory. You can also install it in /wp-content/mu-plugins/, depending on your use case.


The only way to interact with this plugin is through code, it has no UI. Before you can record any data, you have to tell Kissmetrics what your API key is. You can do this either through the kissmetrics_api_key filter or the WP_KISSMETRICS_API_KEY constant. Filters will override the constant if you use both. The same API key constant and filter applies to queries from both PHP and JavaScript.

For most data you want to record in PHP, you should use the helper functions kissmetrics_record() and kissmetrics_set(). If you need to do something more complicated you can use the WP_Kissmetrics class, but you probably don't need to. JavaScript has its own set of helpers in the wp.kissmetrics object. To enqueue the JavaScript file with the helpers, call kissmetrics_js() in PHP. You can use the same function to record data in JavaScript on page load.