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Deploying applications created with the DAVE API should not be any different than a normal PHP deployment. The framework is meant to be read by your web server (apache, nginx, even SERVER) and served back to the browser in the normal fashion. It requires php 5.2+ and mySQL 5+. There are no requirements that mySQL or MemCache be local to the web server machine. All requests are state-less, meaning that once the request completes, no data is stored locally to the machine that handled the request (FlatFile cache, if chosen, is the only exception to this). This makes the API appropriate for clustering environments. Simply upload the API directory to your web host and get started.

Please be sure to chmod the entire API directory folder such that the web server user may read and write to it. Write access is needed to upadte the TABLES file in the /db folder, logs (/log), and possibly /cache.

Due to the non-compiled nature of PHP, it is possible to replace individual files on the fly should you wish to update a component of the API (like adding a new action and then modifying CONFIG).


At this time, it is not recommended that you user SERVER for production deployment. The "exec" way of creating the workers really isn't the most 'scalable' solution... I'll work on it more and get back to you :D