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JADE curriculum adapted for DevFest 2016
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From Zero to

ADI Curriculum Template

Make a new curriculum to be deployed on It's easy to get started writing your own curriculum!

Getting started

This assumes that you don't fork this repo. You can only fork once, after all!

  1. git clone

  2. cd learn-template

  3. make. This will prompt you several times:

    1. First, make a new, different repo on GitHub for your curriculum, and don't initialize it with a or .gitignore. We'll make these ourselves. Copy the HTTPS / SSH url, and paste it into the first prompt.
    2. Next, enter the name for your curriculum. It should be capitalized, with spaces. Something like "Javascript for Beginners" is good.

    The whole process should look something like this:

    Make a new repo on GitHub, and find it's SSH / HTTPS url, and paste it below.
    Paste GitHub URL:
    Please enter the name of your curriculum: JavaScript for Beginners
    Filling in templates...
    Converting markdown with Python markdown...
    Syncing build/title.txt with
  4. Edit your newly created markdown file. The make command should have created a .md file in the root directory. Write your curriculum in the file.

Viewing in Browser

The make command also generates output.html, which is the HTML version of the markdown file created in the root directory. You can open this file in your browser to view your project.


Note: In order to deploy these projects, you need to have SSH access to adi-website. Ask Dan, Nate, Eunice, or Raymond for help setting this up.

Run make deploy to deploy your curriculum. The first time, it will ask for a path slug. Give something unique!

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