Introductory web development curriculum for JADE 2016
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From 0 to Website

This curriculum is built using Gulp, Handlebars.js, and SCSS. It makes heavy use of Minimill's project template.


Install npm. Then, install gulp:

npm install -g gulp  # May require `sudo`


npm install
gem install scss_lint
gulp serve


Relevant gulp commands:

gulp build

Builds the site into the dist directory. This includes:

  • SCSS w/ linting, sourcemaps and autoprefixing
  • JS linting and uglification
  • Handlebars to HTML

gulp serve

Runs gulp watch in the background, and serves the dist directory at localhost:3000 with automatic reloading using Browsersync.


Deploying to GitHub pages is a little bit of a pain because of relative paths. Here's the current workflow, after committing a fix or change to master:

  1. git checkout gh-pages
  2. git reset --hard master
  3. (Correct relative paths in base.hbs and _main.scss by appending jade/ to the front)
  4. gulp build
  5. mv dist/* ./
  6. git add -A
  7. git commit -m "Excellent fix"
  8. git push -f origin gh-pages

And you done.

If you REALLY want to contribute, maybe you can make some configs that will solve this problem...


├── Gulpfile.js       # Controls Gulp, used for building the website
├──         # This file
├── data.yml          # Metadata associated with the site.
├── dist/             # Gulp builds the static site into this directory
├── package.json      # Dependencies
└── src/              # All source code
    ├── font/         # Font files
    ├── img/          # Images and SVGs
    ├── js/           # Javascript libraries and scripts
    ├── partials/     # Handlebars HTML partials that are included / extended
    ├── sass/         # Stylesheets
    └── templates/    # Handlebars HTML files, one per page on the site.