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Hi, it looks like you found the GitHub page for my project, Peshawar Scrapin’.

The objective here was to expand on and improve the metadata for a set of CIA documents on the Afghan-Soviet War, sourced from the CIA FOIA Electronic Reading Room. The expanded metadata are in the file expanded_metadata.json

***Take everything in my metadata as a guess! This is intended as a tool to aid exploration of the documents, not 100% solid cataloging***

This task was accomplished mainly using Python. To run some of these scripts, you'll need the BeautifulSoup webscraping module installed. 


The Python scripts here, in order of application to achieve the final result, are:

— - scrapes URLs for PDFs from CIA website. Produces the file urllist.json

— - actually downloads the PDFs.

— - scrapes the (mostly useless) metadata for each document from the CIA website, and saves them in provided_metadata.json. - exports OCR'd text from the PDFs into .txt files that share the same name as the PDF. I used Adobe Acrobat Pro for OCR. It took six days. I might upload the resulting text files somewhere eventually.

— - generates human-curated lists of people, organizations, et cetera by scraping links from input Wiki URLs and asking the user if/where to put each one. This script generated people.json, orgs.json, relevance.json, other.json, and checked.json. These json files required a lot of manual work after being created. - tags the people ingested from wikipedia to the appropriate articles - same, but with organizations - same, but with other stuff - I got my file of geographic names in Afghanistan from the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (over here: They came as a tab-separated text file, which I saved as .csv and stripped down to the bare necessities in Excel. I originally used the really huge "af.txt" name file with EVERYTHING in it, but it was too slow and contained too many duplicated or ubiquitous names. Turns out there are a lot of places in Afghanistan with names like "China", or "Asia", or "Bag". I switched over to the just-administrative af_administrative_a.txt file, which took care of those problems. It basically tags provinces and major cities, but I think that's all most users will want, anyway. - tags geographic features mentioned above - estimates relevance of document to subject of Soviet-Afghan war based on number of relevant terms versus total word count, on a 0 to 100 scale. Anything over 100 gets changed to 100. - converts the expanded metadata JSON file to CSV for a broader audience. 

A prettier version of the CSV metadata may be found on Google Drive at: