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@github-actions github-actions released this 26 Mar 03:40
  • Add support for some new CSS rules (#2115, #2116, #2117)

    This release adds support for @font-palette-values, @counter-style, and @font-feature-values. This means esbuild will now pretty-print and minify these rules better since it now better understands the internal structure of these rules:

    /* Original code */
    @font-palette-values --Foo { base-palette: 1; }
    @counter-style bar { symbols: b a r; }
    @font-feature-values Bop { @styleset { test: 1; } }
    /* Old output (with --minify) */
    @font-palette-values --Foo{base-palette: 1;}@counter-style bar{symbols: b a r;}@font-feature-values Bop{@styleset {test: 1;}}
    /* New output (with --minify) */
    @font-palette-values --Foo{base-palette:1}@counter-style bar{symbols:b a r}@font-feature-values Bop{@styleset{test:1}}
  • Upgrade to Go 1.18.0 (#2105)

    Binary executables for this version are now published with Go version 1.18.0. The Go release notes say that the linker generates smaller binaries and that on 64-bit ARM chips, compiled binaries run around 10% faster. On an M1 MacBook Pro, esbuild's benchmark runs approximately 8% faster than before and the binary executable is approximately 4% smaller than before.

    This also fixes a regression from version 0.14.26 of esbuild where the browser builds of the esbuild-wasm package could fail to be bundled due to the use of built-in node libraries. The primary WebAssembly shim for Go 1.18.0 no longer uses built-in node libraries.