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License is a gem that can generate and validate license keys. This can powered paid/shareware apps written in Ruby.


To install, use these commands:

gem sources -a  # you only need to run this if you're not using the latest RubyGems
sudo gem install license

Using with Rails 2.X

To use this in your Rails app, add this to your config/environment.rb: do |config|
    config.gem 'license'

Using with Rails 3.X

I won't code or test with Rails 3 until it has been officially released.


For a new license, call the method with the name, email, and product name as the arguments

@license ="Evan Walsh","","License Gem Test")

Then, you can generate a key using the generate method

@license.generate # returns 3F7B-D428-ED3A-3636

To check if a key is valid, use the validate method with they key as the argument

@license.validate("3F7B-D428-ED3A-3636") # returns true


Please note that this is not a bulletproof copy-protection solution. It's based on more of an honor system.


Copyright © 2009-2010 Evan Walsh. See LICENSE for details.

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