Natural language parsing to determine if something is a todo or an event
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Todo or Event?

A rather simple library for guessing what a line is meant to be. Given a string of proper English, return either ':todo' or ':event'.


A string is determined to be a todo rather an event if the line is thought to be a command - an action item for you GTD folks. This is determined by a simple presumption: The line starts with a verb. If the line does not start with a verb, it is presumed to be a description of an event, a statement.

This library checks the first and second words of the line, only if the first word is a verb. If the second word is a verb as well, then it is presumed that the first word has multiple definitions. (For example, 'monkey' can be a verb or a noun.) We then presume that the line is a statement.

This assumption does not hold up entirely, however. Given the following two phrases, which are both supposed to be todos:

  • Catch fish with the claw shot
  • Catch some fish with the claw shot

The first line will be parsed as an event, which is technically correct according to the rules set before, but we mean it to be a todo. The second line, however, is parsed as we expect it to be. Therefore, it is the recommended syntax. When attempting to use this library, be more explicit than implicit.



require 'todo-or-event'
TodoOrEvent.parse("Catch some fish with the claw shot") #=> :todo
TodoOrEvent.parse("RubyConf speech tomorrow") #=> :event


Copyright (c) 2009 Colin Shea. See LICENSE for details.