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This is a guide for Debian for Raspberry Pi 3 and 2.
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This is a guide for Debian for Raspberry Pi 3 and 2.

Migration of desktop from old Pc to Sbc.

Measure in centimeter

        Pc      Sbc
Length  47      9
width   47      6
Height  21      3
     46389    162 cm3

My old Pc wac 286 times bigger than my Raspberry Pi 2.

We are in a transition from original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to Internet of Things (IoT).
2016-12-31, I made a decision to throw out a mountain of all old Pc:s and parts (one exception, I kept an old Pc if I should need a CD reader).
See photo 20161231_085622.jpg.

Firstly, I am not responsble for you, your data or hardware or any.
You need at least 3 out of 5 of a scale of IT skills.

The aim for this guide is "Migration of from your old Pc to Sbc".

You will get a rock solid or state of the art system, depending on your release choice in Debian.

The migration will be done via PreSystem to MainSystem.

1. Is this an official guide by Debian and Debian's responsiblity.
2. I want this guide for Fedora.
3. I want this guide for another Sbc than Raspberry.
4. Are contributors, maintainers, users welcome?
5. Are new ideas welcome about anything here?

1. No, this is a guide for Debian not by Debian per now.
2. This is a Debian guide, fork to a new project!
3. It need to be a Sbc for desktop and if 10 % change of description we can discuss support here. If 90 % change, fork to a new project.
4. Yes, very welcome!
5. Yes, very welcome!

Files in this project:
README   This file
LICENSE   License file
Beginning.txt   Beginning file
BaseSystem.txt   Guide how to install base system.
KdeSystem.txt   Guide how to install KDE system.
Multimedia.txt   Multimedia in KDE system.
Pim.txt   Personal Information Manager in KDE system.
Widget.txt   Widget in KDE system.
20161231_085622.jpg   A photo of my old Pc:s and parts i.e. garbage.
20190106_181538.jpg   A photo of my HDMI to VGA and analog audio splitter.
Bookmarks.txt   Handling of Bookmarks in browsers to be equal in home, job and mobile phone
bookmarks.html  Template of bookmarks.
Openseamap.txt  Handling of tools for OpenSeaMap and OpenStreetMap for you to contribute.
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