A decent(ralized) network for business and development
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A decent(ralized) network for business and development

A learning fork and altnet that combines Scuttlebot and Minbase

In the beginning the web was distributed. Then companies in the valley centralized it for their own profit, impoverishing the creative class of the Internet. We're creating a decent alternative.

Decent screenshot

Decent is based on Scuttlebot, but uses an alternative network key: EVRctE2Iv8GrO/BpQCF34e2FMPsDJot9x0j846LjVtc=.

Decent combines all of the necessary parts of Scuttlebot for a simpler install process

Try Decent in your browser

Install Decent on your local or vps

% git clone http://github.com/evbogue/decent.git
% cd decent && npm install
% npm run build
% npm start

Navigate to http://localhost:3001/ to see your Decent.

Embed Decent on your website

<iframe src="http://decent.gitmx.com/" style="width: 100%; border: none; height: 24em;"></iframe>

If you're deploying Decent on your local or your own VPS, you will need a follow from an existing Decent pub. Please request an invite: ev@evbogue.com

Once you're on Decent, be sure to obey the first rule:

  1. Be decent

Decent is maintained by Ev Bogue, based on the work of Dominic Tarr.