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Emojis have become a common way of communicating content to the end user. To a person using a screenreader, however, he/she may not be aware that this content is there at all. By wrapping the emoji in a <span>, giving it the role="img", and providing a useful description in aria-label, the screenreader will treat the emoji as an image in the accessibility tree with an accessible name for the end user.


  1. Léonie Watson

Rule details

This rule takes no arguments.


<span role="img" aria-label="Snowman">&#9731;</span>
<span role="img" aria-label="Panda">🐼</span>
<span role="img" aria-labelledby="panda1">🐼</span> 


<i role="img" aria-label="Panda">🐼</i>