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use inc::Module::Install 0.64;
name 'CouchDB-Client';
perl_version '5.006';
license 'perl';
all_from 'lib/CouchDB/';
# override the default author detection behavior
author 'Maverick Edwards <maverick @t smurfbane d.t org>';
resources 'repository' => 'git://';
resources 'homepage' => '';
requires 'JSON::Any' => '1.17';
requires 'LWP::UserAgent';
requires 'HTTP::Request';
requires 'URI::Escape';
requires 'MIME::Base64';
# we need a JSON module that isn't Syck (no UTF-8 support makes it useless)
sub check_json () {
my @order = qw(XS JSON DWIW);
foreach my $testmod (@order) {
$testmod = "JSON::$testmod" unless $testmod eq "JSON";
eval "require $testmod";
return unless $@;
requires 'JSON' => '2.02';