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network connection is lost
wrong screen shown on projector
projector blue screens
projector does not lock on to signal
software boots slowly
speaker's microphone is switched off
speaker runs out of time
slides won't advance
speaker apologises for colours being wrong
text is too small to read
speaker can't find VGA adaptor
feedback over PA system
picture of kitten
speaker does a live demo
speaker trips over cables
speaker plays sound on laptop speakers
speaker has wrong slide deck
laptop battery runs low/out
computer needs a reboot
speaker has to adjust screen resolution
speaker is called Dave
speaker is a woman
speaker is nasty about PHP
"ready by christmas"
speaker swears
remote control fails to work
uses laser pointer
speaker is wearing a skirt
audience shouts out "Can't hear you"
speaker apologises for being hung over
"We're hiring"
"Can you read that?"
speaker's desktop is manga/cartoon based
speaker wrote their own slide show software
speaker has no slides
virus checker starts running
roof starts leaking
venue has a power cut
laptop/screen goes to sleep
fire alarm
skype starts ringing