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When people link to books it is usually via This is great if you are based in the US and like Amazon, otherwise it is just annoying. is a website that lets you easily link to books using asimple URL format. When you go to that URL it works out which country you are in and it then shows links to all the main booksellers in that country.

It'll also fetch availability and price information so that visitors don't need to jump around between the various sellers to find where it is available.

If you have affiliate accounts LinkToBooks will apply your codes wherever it can so that you'll still get the kickbacks. And it'll let you track which sites your visitors go to so that you can get affiliate accounts with those that are most visited. If you don't have and affiliate account, and we do, we'll pop our code into the link.

The codebase is all opensource so you can help add sellers that we don't have. You could run it yoursely if you want, although you probably won't want to do that.

It is a work in progress, not all the features listed above have been completed yet. Look at the issues and milestones to se what remains to be done. If you want a seller added please create an issue.