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Latest commit d4ddda4 Apr 23, 2012 @aknorjaden aknorjaden Ozatomic found seg-faults on linux runs of eve-server.exe and I repea…
…ted those on windows for the latest commit. These crashes happen when you hit Ctrl+C in the server console to close it properly, then hit ENTER to finishe closing down the server. Randomly, you'll see the program crash. We strongly believe this was due to boost::asio threads left running when the server shutdown. Both ImageServer and APIServer use boost::asio threads for the TCP listeners. So, I implemented a public Stop() method in ImageServer and APIServer that issue a call to stop() of the _io object then join() the thread, blocking execution until the thread dies. Then these public Stop() methods are called in main.cpp AFTER the while {} loop so that when Ctrl+C is called, the while loop exits, these threads are killed and then the server shuts down. This seems to have fixed the issues on windows. Ozatomic will investigate the fix on linux.
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EVEmu modified to support the latest Crucible client v353549


EVEmu is an educational project. This means, our primary interest is to learn and teach us and our users more about C++ project development in a large scale. Our software is not intended for running public servers, and we do not support that. We are not responsible for what others do with the source code downloaded from this project.


  • Login works again
  • Character selection and creation is working
  • Character portraits are working
  • Undocking and Docking is not working
  • Items and Ships display in station
  • Destiny are not sure


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