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Initial commit for evemu_escalation: updated EVEVersion.h for build v…

…ersion, macho version, and client version. Rebuilt and tested login, login works, char screen works, char selection works, enter game works, undock does NOT work, docking works if you were in space prior to updating to this branch, destiny operations in space seem to still be working, overview was good, objects in space were good. Did NOT test: char creation, chat, boarding/leaving ships, ejecting from ships in space, warping, jumping stargates. NEED TO FIX UNDOCK: there is a missing service called 'crimewatch' that we need to add to progress forward in the undock procedure then see what else, if anything, is missing.
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1 parent d4ddda4 commit 062ff854c10097a677483c2204ce4a16f51e4448 @aknorjaden aknorjaden committed May 2, 2012
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  2. +4 −4 include/eve-common/EVEVersion.h
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
# Introduction
-EVEmu modified to support the latest Crucible client v353549
+EVEmu modified to support the latest Escalation to Inferno client v365966
# Disclaimer
@@ -11,12 +11,12 @@ and we do not support that. We are not responsible for what others
do with the source code downloaded from this project.
# Status
-- Login works again
-- Character selection and creation is working
-- Character portraits are working
-- Undocking and Docking is not working
-- Items and Ships display in station
-- Destiny are not sure
+- Login still works!
+- Character selection and creation is still working
+- Character portraits are still working
+- Undocking is not working, but docking is still working
+- Items and Ships still display in station
+- Destiny is still nearly fully functional if you are undocked
# Legal
@@ -26,11 +26,11 @@
#ifndef __EVE_VERSION_H
#define __EVE_VERSION_H
-// supported client is Crucible v1.0.1 build 336683
+// supported client is Escalation to Inferno v1.0.2 build 365966
-static const uint16 MachoNetVersion = 320;
-static const double EVEVersionNumber = 7.31;
-static const int32 EVEBuildVersion = 360229;
+static const uint16 MachoNetVersion = 323;
+static const double EVEVersionNumber = 7.40;
+static const int32 EVEBuildVersion = 365966;
static const char *const EVEProjectCodename = "EVE-EVE-TRANQUILITY";
static const char *const EVEProjectRegion = "ccp";
static const char *const EVEProjectVersion = "EVE-EVE-TRANQUILITY@ccp";

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