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(iOS app signer, Support multi-file synchronization signature and auto create profile and certificate to sign)一键签名,网络地址直签,多文件同步签,自动区分企业签名和个人证书,一键Assets.car解压导出和替换,自动注册设备并更新下载签名证书和签名文件进行签名。支持Swift5和iOS13,macOS10.15并向下兼容。
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ECSigner 2019-12-03


Thank for ios-app-signerandApp-Store-Connect,ECSigner have more functions:

Auto register devices, auto create(update) certificate and profile, auto download certificate and profile,also you can auto manage your developer account with App-Store-Connect-SDK in project:

 sign.png  sign.png

resign with local certificate and profile:


1,you can resign multi-file synchronization
2,Auto Distinguish certificate types(In-house,personal,wildcard*)
3,you can add a remote link with .ipa,we will auto resign until download done(optional)。
4,you can unzip and export the。
5,you can write a channel content with .txt file into bundle(optional)。
6,you can create a plist file for itms-service protocol when export ipa(optional)。
7,you can use your icon to explace the app's icon, and you won't lose any other assets image files(optional)。

How to use:

1.go to reply a secret key, you can get your ISSUERID、PrivateKey and PrivateKeyID.
2.if you are first time register certificate,you need to get a CSR file from Keychain assistant(CertificateSigningRequest.certSigningRequest) the .zip file and unzip it 
4.drag the into Applications, input params in fields, done!
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