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Nov 13, 2015


Fixed (hopefully) the concurrent modification exception that sometime…
…s happens when projects load; Updated version to 0.6.1

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Nov 6, 2013


Added support for alias and let commands; Added support for object an…
…d array literal expressions; Added support for null-safe reference and elvis operators; New inspection reports when a foreach or let parameter replaces the value of one declared in a higher scope; Fixed inspection that wold not report unused params in a template that called another using data="all"; Fixed parser bug related to malformed command tags with closing tags; Cleaned up several deprecated code references; Updated version to 0.6.0

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Apr 8, 2012


Adding inspections; Several enhancements to PsiElementPath; Updates t…
…o comment handling in lexer; Improvements to doc parser; Added tests for new inspections; Bumped plugin version to 0.5.0.
Mar 23, 2012
Feb 23, 2012


Fixing parser bug when eof in a string literal, in a function call
Feb 20, 2012


Committing changes for v0.4.0
Aug 29, 2010


Working around Git commit bug... commit 2 of 2
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