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Evennia 1.0-dev (2019-) (WIP)

  • New drop:holds() lock default to limit dropping nonsensical things. Access check defaults to True for backwards-compatibility in 0.9, will be False in 1.0
  • Add tags.has() method for checking if an object has a tag or tags (PR by ChrisLR)
  • Make IP throttle use Django-based cache system for optional persistence (PR by strikaco)
  • Renamed Tutorial classes "Weapon" and "WeaponRack" to "TutorialWeapon" and "TutorialWeaponRack" to prevent collisions with classes in mygame
  • New crafting contrib, adding a full crafting subsystem (Griatch 2020)
  • The rplanguage contrib now auto-capitalizes sentences and retains ellipsis (...). This change means that proper nouns at the start of sentences will not be treated as nouns.
  • Make MuxCommand lhs/rhslist always be lists, also if empty (used to be the empty string)
  • Fix typo in UnixCommand contrib, where help was given as --hel.
  • Latin (la) i18n translation (jamalainm)
  • Made the evennia dir possible to use without gamedir for purpose of doc generation.

Backports from 1.0 to 0.9.5 since 0.9.5 release

  • Fix to TaskHandler to complate api and allow manipulation of utils.delay return as originall intended.
  • Support for Python 3.9.

Evennia 0.9.5 (Nov 2020)

A transitional release, including new doc system.

  • is_typeclass(obj (Object), exact (bool)) now defaults to exact=False
  • py command now reroutes stdout to output results in-game client. py without arguments starts a full interactive Python console.
  • Webclient default to a single input pane instead of two. Now defaults to no help-popup.
  • Webclient fix of prompt display
  • Webclient multimedia support for relaying images, video and sounds via .msg(image=URL), .msg(video=URL) and .msg(audio=URL)
  • Add Spanish translation (fermuch)
  • Expand GLOBAL_SCRIPTS container to always start scripts and to include all global scripts regardless of how they were created.
  • Change settings to always use lists instead of tuples, to make mutable settings easier to add to. (#1912)
  • Make new CHANNEL_MUDINFO setting for specifying the mudinfo channel
  • Make CHANNEL_CONNECTINFO take full channel definition
  • Make DEFAULT_CHANNELS list auto-create channels missing at reload
  • Webclient ANSI->HTML parser updated. Webclient line width changed from 1.6em to 1.1em to better make ANSI graphics look the same as for third-party clients
  • AttributeHandler.get(return_list=True) will return [] if there are no Attributes instead of [None].
  • Remove pillow requirement (install especially if using imagefield)
  • Add Simplified Korean translation (aceamro)
  • Show warning on start -l if settings contains values unsafe for production.
  • Make code auto-formatted with Black.
  • Make default set command able to edit nested structures (PR by Aaron McMillan)
  • Allow running Evennia test suite from core repo with make test.
  • Return store_key from TickerHandler.add and add store_key as a kwarg to the TickerHandler.remove method. This makes it easier to manage tickers.
  • EvMore auto-justify now defaults to False since this works better with all types of texts (such as tables). New justify bool. Old justify_kwargs remains but is now only used to pass extra kwargs into the justify function.
  • EvMore text argument can now also be a list or a queryset. Querysets will be sliced to only return the required data per page.
  • Improve performance of find and objects commands on large data sets (strikaco)
  • New CHANNEL_HANDLER_CLASS setting allows for replacing the ChannelHandler entirely.
  • Made py interactive mode support regular quit() and more verbose.
  • Made Account.options.get accept default=None kwarg to mimic other uses of get. Set the new raise_exception boolean if ranting to raise KeyError on a missing key.
  • Moved behavior of unmodified Command and MuxCommand .func() to new .get_command_info() method for easier overloading and access. (Volund)
  • Removed unused CYCLE_LOGFILES setting. Added SERVER_LOG_DAY_ROTATION and SERVER_LOG_MAX_SIZE (and equivalent for PORTAL) to control log rotation.
  • Addded inside_rec lockfunc - if room is locked, the normal inside() lockfunc will fail e.g. for your inventory objs (since their loc is you), whereas this will pass.
  • RPSystem contrib's CmdRecog will now list all recogs if no arg is given. Also multiple bugfixes.
  • Remove as a default account email when unset, a string is no longer required by Django.
  • Fixes to spawn, make updating an existing prototype/object work better. Add /raw switch to spawn command to extract the raw prototype dict for manual editing.
  • list_to_string is now iter_to_string (but old name still works as legacy alias). It will now accept any input, including generators and single values.
  • EvTable should now correctly handle columns with wider asian-characters in them.
  • Update Twisted requirement to >=2.3.0 to close security vulnerability
  • Add $random inlinefunc, supports minval,maxval arguments that can be ints and floats.
  • Add evennia.utils.inlinefuncs.raw(<str>) as a helper to escape inlinefuncs in a string.
  • Make CmdGet/Drop/Give give proper error if obj.move_to returns False.
  • Make Object/Room/Exit.create's account argument optional. If not given, will set perms to that of the object itself (along with normal Admin/Dev permission).
  • Make INLINEFUNC_STACK_MAXSIZE default visible in
  • Change how ic finds puppets; non-priveleged users will use _playable_characters list as candidates, Builders+ will use list, local search and only global search if no match found.
  • Make cmd.at_post_cmd() always run after cmd.func(), even when the latter uses delays with yield.
  • EvMore support for db queries and django paginators as well as easier to override for custom pagination (e.g. to create EvTables for every page instead of splitting one table).
  • New EvMore methods .init_pages, paginator and page_formatter for easily customize pagination.
  • Using EvMore pagination, dramatically improves performance of spawn/list and scripts listings (100x speed increase for displaying 1000+ prototypes/scripts).
  • EvMenu now uses the more logically named .ndb._evmenu instead of .ndb._menutree to store itself. Both still work for backward compatibility, but _menutree is deprecated.
  • EvMenu.msg(txt) added as a central place to send text to the user, makes it easier to override. Default EvMenu.msg sends with OOB type="menu" for use with OOB and webclient pane-redirects.
  • New EvMenu templating system for quickly building simpler EvMenus without as much code.
  • Add Command.client_height() method to match existing .client_width (stricako)
  • Include more Web-client info in session.protocol_flags.
  • Fixes in multi-match situations - don't allow finding/listing multimatches for 3-box when only two boxes in location.
  • Made the evennia dir possible to use without gamedir for purpose of doc generation.

Evennia 0.9 (2018-2019)


  • New requirement: Python 3.7 (py2.7 support removed)
  • Django 2.1
  • Twisted 19.2.1
  • Autobahn websockets (removed old tmwx)
  • Docker image updated


  • Remove @-prefix from all default commands (prefixes still work, optional)
  • Removed default @delaccount command, incorporating as @account/delete instead. Added confirmation question.
  • Add new @force command to have another object perform a command.
  • Add the Portal uptime to the @time command.
  • Make the @link command first make a local search before a global search.
  • Have the default Unloggedin-look command look for optional connection_screen() callable in mygame/server/conf/ This allows for more flexible welcome screens that are calculated on the fly.
  • @py command now defaults to escaping html tags in its output when viewing in the webclient. Use new /clientraw switch to get old behavior (issue #1369).
  • Shorter and more informative, dynamic, listing of on-command vars if not setting func() in child command class.
  • New Command helper methods
    • .client_width() returns client width of the session running the command.
    • .styled_table(*args, **kwargs) returns a formatted evtable styled by user's options
    • .style_header(*args, **kwargs) creates styled header entry
    • .style_separator(*args, **kwargs) " separator
    • .style_footer(*args, **kwargs) " footer


  • Change webclient from old txws version to use more supported/feature-rich Autobahn websocket library

Evennia game index

  • Made Evennia game index client a part of core - now configured from settings file (old configs need to be moved)
  • The evennia connections command starts a wizard that helps you connect your game to the game index.
  • The game index now accepts games with no public telnet/webclient info (for early prototypes).

New golden-layout based Webclient UI (@friarzen)

  • Features
    • Much slicker behavior and more professional look
    • Allows tabbing as well as click and drag of panes in any grid position
    • Renaming tabs, assignments of data tags and output types are simple per-pane menus now
    • Any number of input panes, with separate histories
    • Button UI (disabled in JS by default)

Web/Django standard initiative (@strikaco)

  • Features
    • Adds a series of web-based forms and generic class-based views
      • Accounts
        • Register - Enhances registration; allows optional collection of email address
        • Form - Adds a generic Django form for creating Accounts from the web
      • Characters
        • Create - Authenticated users can create new characters from the website (requires associated form)
        • Detail - Authenticated and authorized users can view select details about characters
        • List - Authenticated and authorized users can browse a list of all characters
        • Manage - Authenticated users can edit or delete owned characters from the web
        • Form - Adds a generic Django form for creating characters from the web
      • Channels
        • Detail - Authorized users can view channel logs from the web
        • List - Authorized users can browse a list of all channels
      • Help Entries
        • Detail - Authorized users can view help entries from the web
        • List - Authorized users can browse a list of all help entries from the web
    • Navbar changes
      • Characters - Link to character list
      • Channels - Link to channel list
      • Help - Link to help entry list
      • Puppeting
        • Users can puppet their own characters within the context of the website
      • Dropdown
        • Link to create characters
        • Link to manage characters
        • Link to quick-select puppets
        • Link to password change workflow
  • Functions
    • Updates Bootstrap to v4 stable
    • Enables use of Django Messages framework to communicate with users in browser
    • Implements webclient/website _shared_login functionality as Django middleware
    • 'account' and 'puppet' are added to all request contexts for authenticated users
    • Adds unit tests for all web views
  • Cosmetic
    • Prettifies Django 'forgot password' workflow (requires SMTP to actually function)
    • Prettifies Django 'change password' workflow
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixes bug on login page where error messages were not being displayed
    • Remove strvalue field from admin; it made no sense to have here, being an optimization field for internal use.


  • evennia.prototypes.save_prototype now takes the prototype as a normal argument (prototype) instead of having to give it as **prototype.
  • evennia.prototypes.search_prototype has a new kwarg require_single=False that raises a KeyError exception if query gave 0 or >1 results.
  • evennia.prototypes.spawner can now spawn by passing a prototype_key


  • Add new methods on all typeclasses, useful specifically for object handling from the website/admin:
    • web_get_admin_url(): Returns the path to the object detail page in the Admin backend.
    • web_get_create_url(): Returns the path to the typeclass' creation page on the website, if implemented.
    • web_get_absolute_url(): Returns the path to the object's detail page on the website, if implemented.
    • web_get_update_url(): Returns the path to the object's update page on the website, if implemented.
    • web_get_delete_url(): Returns the path to the object's delete page on the website, if implemented.
  • All typeclasses have new helper class method create, which encompasses useful functionality that used to be embedded for example in the respective @create or @connect commands.
  • DefaultAccount now has new class methods implementing many things that used to be in unloggedin commands (these can now be customized on the class instead):
    • is_banned(): Checks if a given username or IP is banned.
    • get_username_validators: Return list of validators for username validation (see settings.AUTH_USERNAME_VALIDATORS)
    • authenticate: Method to check given username/password.
    • normalize_username: Normalizes names so (for Unicode environments) users cannot mimic existing usernames by replacing select characters with visually-similar Unicode chars.
    • validate_username: Mechanism for validating a username based on predefined Django validators.
    • validate_password: Mechanism for validating a password based on predefined Django validators.
    • set_password: Apply password to account, using validation checks.
  • AttributeHandler.remove and TagHandler.remove can now be used to delete by-category. If neither key nor category is given, they now work the same as .clear().


  • Support for Grapevine MUD-chat network ("channels" supported)


  • Convert ServerConf model to store its values as a Picklefield (same as Attributes) instead of using a custom solution.
  • OOB: Add support for MSDP LIST, REPORT, UNREPORT commands (re-mapped to msdp_list, msdp_report, msdp_unreport, inlinefuncs)
  • Added evennia.ANSIString to flat API.
  • Server/Portal log files now cycle to names on the form server_.log_19_03_08_ instead of server.log___19.3.8, retaining unix file sorting order.
  • Django signals fire for important events: Puppet/Unpuppet, Object create/rename, Login, Logout, Login fail Disconnect, Account create/rename


  • GLOBAL_SCRIPTS - dict defining typeclasses of global scripts to store on the new evennia.GLOBAL_SCRIPTS container. These will auto-start when Evennia start and will always exist.
  • OPTIONS_ACCOUNTS_DEFAULT - option dict with option defaults and Option classes
  • OPTION_CLASS_MODULES - classes representing an on-Account Option, on special form
  • VALIDATOR_FUNC_MODULES - (general) text validator functions, for verifying an input is on a specific form.


  • evennia launcher now fully handles all django-admin commands, like running tests in parallel.
  • evennia.utils.create.account now also takes tags and attrs keywords.
  • evennia.utils.interactive decorator can now allow you to use yield(secs) to pause operation in any function, not just in Command.func. Likewise, response = yield(question) will work if the decorated function has an argument or kwarg caller.
  • Added many more unit tests.
  • Swap argument order of evennia.set_trace to set_trace(term_size=(140, 40), debugger='auto') since the size is more likely to be changed on the command line.
  • utils.to_str(text, session=None) now acts as the old utils.to_unicode (which was removed). This converts to the str() type (not to a byte-string as in Evennia 0.8), trying different encodings. This function will also force-convert any object passed to it into a string (so force_string flag was removed and assumed always set).
  • utils.to_bytes(text, session=None) replaces the old utils.to_str() functionality and converts str to bytes.
  • evennia.MONITOR_HANDLER.all now takes keyword argument obj to only retrieve monitors from that specific Object (rather than all monitors in the entire handler).
  • Support adding \f in command doc strings to force where EvMore puts page breaks.
  • Validation Functions now added with standard API to homogenize user input validation.
  • Option Classes added to make storing user-options easier and smoother.
  • evennia.VALIDATOR_CONTAINER and evennia.OPTION_CONTAINER added to load these.


  • Evscaperoom - a full puzzle engine for making multiplayer escape rooms in Evennia. Used to make the entry for the MUD-Coder's Guild's 2019 Game Jam with the theme "One Room", where it ranked #1.
  • Evennia game-index client no longer a contrib - moved into server core and configured with new setting GAME_INDEX_ENABLED.
  • The extended_room contrib saw some backwards-incompatible refactoring:
    • All commands now begin with CmdExtendedRoom. So before it was CmdExtendedLook, now it's CmdExtendedRoomLook etc.
    • The detail command was broken out of the desc command and is now a new, stand-alone command CmdExtendedRoomDetail. This was done to make things easier to extend and to mimic how the detail command works in the tutorial-world.
    • The detail command now also supports deleting details (like the tutorial-world version).
    • The new ExtendedRoomCmdSet includes all the extended-room commands and is now the recommended way to install the extended-room contrib.
  • Reworked menu_login contrib to use latest EvMenu standards. Now also supports guest logins.
  • Mail contrib was refactored to have optional Command classes CmdMail for OOC+IC mail (added to the CharacterCmdSet and CmdMailCharacter for IC-only mailing between chars (added to CharacterCmdSet)


  • Simplified chinese, courtesy of user MaxAlex.

Evennia 0.8 (2018)


  • Up requirements to Django 1.11.x, Twisted 18 and pillow 5.2.0
  • Add inflect dependency for automatic pluralization of object names.


  • Removed evennia_runner, completely refactor (the 'evennia' program) with different functionality).
  • Both Portal/Server are now stand-alone processes (easy to run as daemon)
  • Made Portal the AMP Server for starting/restarting the Server (the AMP client)
  • Dynamic logging now happens using evennia -l rather than by interactive mode.
  • Made AMP secure against erroneous HTTP requests on the wrong port (return error messages).
  • The evennia istart option will start/switch the Server in foreground (interactive) mode, where it logs to terminal and can be stopped with Ctrl-C. Using evennia reload, or reloading in-game, will return Server to normal daemon operation.
  • For validating passwords, use safe Django password-validation backend instead of custom Evennia one.
  • Alias evennia restart to mean the same as evennia reload.

Prototype changes

  • New OLC started from olc command for loading/saving/manipulating prototypes in a menu.
  • Moved evennia/utils/ into the new evennia/prototypes/ along with all new functionality around prototypes.
  • A new form of prototype - database-stored prototypes, editable from in-game, was added. The old, module-created prototypes remain as read-only prototypes.
  • All prototypes must have a key prototype_key identifying the prototype in listings. This is checked to be server-unique. Prototypes created in a module will use the global variable name they are assigned to if no prototype_key is given.
  • Prototype field prototype was renamed to prototype_parent to avoid mixing terms.
  • All prototypes must either have typeclass or prototype_parent defined. If using prototype_parent, typeclass must be defined somewhere in the inheritance chain. This is a change from Evennia 0.7 which allowed 'mixin' prototypes without typeclass/prototype_key. To make a mixin now, give it a default typeclass, like evennia.objects.objects.DefaultObject and just override in the child as needed.
  • Spawning an object using a prototype will automatically assign a new tag to it, named the same as the prototype_key and with the category from_prototype.
  • The spawn command was extended to accept a full prototype on one line.
  • The spawn command got the /save switch to save the defined prototype and its key
  • The command spawn/menu will now start an OLC (OnLine Creation) menu to load/save/edit/spawn prototypes.


  • Added EvMenu.helptext_formatter(helptext) to allow custom formatting of per-node help.
  • Added evennia.utils.evmenu.list_node decorator for turning an EvMenu node into a multi-page listing.
  • A goto option callable returning None (rather than the name of the next node) will now rerun the current node instead of failing.
  • Better error handling of in-node syntax errors.
  • Improve dedent of default text/helptext formatter. Right-strip whitespace.
  • Add debug option when creating menu - this turns off persistence and makes the menudebug command available for examining the current menu state.


  • Webclient now uses a plugin system to inject new components from the html file.
  • Split-windows - divide input field into any number of horizontal/vertical panes and assign different types of server messages to them.
  • Lots of cleanup and bug fixes.
  • Hot buttons plugin (friarzen) (disabled by default).


  • New function evennia.locks.lockhandler.check_lockstring. This allows for checking an object against an arbitrary lockstring without needing the lock to be stored on an object first.
  • New function evennia.locks.lockhandler.validate_lockstring allows for stand-alone validation of a lockstring.
  • New function evennia.locks.lockhandler.get_all_lockfuncs gives a dict {"name": lockfunc} for all available lock funcs. This is useful for dynamic listings.


  • Added new columnize function for easily splitting text into multiple columns. At this point it is not working too well with ansi-colored text however.
  • Extend the dedent function with a new baseline_index kwarg. This allows to force all lines to the indentation given by the given line regardless of if other lines were already a 0 indentation. This removes a problem with the original textwrap.dedent which will only dedent to the least indented part of a text.
  • Added exit_cmd to EvMore pager, to allow for calling a command (e.g. 'look') when leaving the pager.
  • get_all_typeclasses will return dict {"path": typeclass, ...} for all typeclasses available in the system. This is used by the new @typeclass/list subcommand (useful for builders etc).
  • evennia.utils.dbserialize.deserialize(obj) is a new helper function to completely disconnect a mutable recovered from an Attribute from the database. This will convert all nested _Saver* classes to their plain-Python counterparts.


  • Start structuring the CHANGELOG to list features in more detail.
  • Docker image evennia/evennia:develop is now auto-built, tracking the develop branch.
  • Inflection and grouping of multiple objects in default room (an box, three boxes)
  • evennia.set_trace() is now a shortcut for launching pdb/pudb on a line in the Evennia event loop.
  • Removed the enforcing of MAX_NR_CHARACTERS=1 for MULTISESSION_MODE 0 and 1 by default.
  • Add evennia.utils.logger.log_sec for logging security-related messages (marked SS in log).


  • Auditing (Johnny): Log and filter server input/output for security purposes
  • Build Menu (vincent-lg): New @edit command to edit object properties in a menu.
  • Field Fill (Tim Ashley Jenkins): Wraps EvMenu for creating submittable forms.
  • Health Bar (Tim Ashley Jenkins): Easily create colorful bars/meters.
  • Tree select (Fluttersprite): Wrap EvMenu to create a common type of menu from a string.
  • Turnbattle suite (Tim Ashley Jenkins)- the old was moved into its own turnbattle/ package and reworked with many different flavors of combat systems:
  • tb_basic - The basic turnbattle system, with initiative/turn order attack/defense/damage.
  • tb_equip - Adds weapon and armor, wielding, accuracy modifiers.
  • tb_items - Extends tb_equip with item use with conditions/status effects.
  • tb_magic - Extends tb_equip with spellcasting.
  • tb_range - Adds system for abstract positioning and movement.
  • The extended_room contrib saw some backwards-incompatible refactoring:
    • All commands now begin with CmdExtendedRoom. So before it was CmdExtendedLook, now it's CmdExtendedRoomLook etc.
    • The detail command was broken out of the desc command and is now a new, stand-alone command CmdExtendedRoomDetail. This was done to make things easier to extend and to mimic how the detail command works in the tutorial-world.
    • The detail command now also supports deleting details (like the tutorial-world version).
    • The new ExtendedRoomCmdSet includes all the extended-room commands and is now the recommended way to install the extended-room contrib.
  • Updates and some cleanup of existing contribs.


  • Polish translation by user ogotai


Sept 2017:

Release of Evennia 0.7; upgrade to Django 1.11, change 'Player' to 'Account', rework the website template and a slew of other updates. Info on what changed and how to migrate is found here:!msg/evennia/0JYYNGY-NfE/cDFaIwmPBAAJ

Feb 2017:

New devel branch created, to lead up to Evennia 0.7.

Dec 2016:

Lots of bugfixes and considerable uptick in contributors. Unittest coverage and PEP8 adoption and refactoring.

May 2016:

Evennia 0.6 with completely reworked Out-of-band system, making the message path completely flexible and built around input/outputfuncs. A completely new webclient, split into the evennia.js library and a gui library, making it easier to customize.

Feb 2016:

Added the new EvMenu and EvMore utilities, updated EvEdit and cleaned up a lot of the batchcommand functionality. Started work on new Devel branch.

Sept 2015:

Evennia 0.5. Merged devel branch, full library format implemented.

Feb 2015:

Development currently in devel/ branch. Moved typeclasses to use django's proxy functionality. Changed the Evennia folder layout to a library format with a stand-alone launcher, in preparation for making an 'evennia' pypy package and using versioning. The version we will merge with will likely be 0.5. There is also work with an expanded testing structure and the use of threading for saves. We also now use Travis for automatic build checking.

Sept 2014:

Updated to Django 1.7+ which means South dependency was dropped and minimum Python version upped to 2.7. MULTISESSION_MODE=3 was added and the web customization system was overhauled using the latest functionality of django. Otherwise, mostly bug-fixes and implementation of various smaller feature requests as we got used to github. Many new users have appeared.

Jan 2014:

Moved Evennia project from Google Code to

Nov 2013:

Moved the internal webserver into the Server and added support for out-of-band protocols (MSDP initially). This large development push also meant fixes and cleanups of the way attributes were handled. Tags were added, along with proper handlers for permissions, nicks and aliases.

May 2013:

Made players able to control more than one Character at the same time, through the MULTISESSION_MODE=2 addition. This lead to a lot of internal changes for the server.

Oct 2012:

Changed Evennia from the Modified Artistic 1.0 license to the more standard and permissive BSD license. Lots of updates and bug fixes as more people start to use it in new ways. Lots of new caching and speed-ups.

March 2012:

Evennia's API has changed and simplified slightly in that the base-modules where removed from game/gamesrc. Instead admins are encouraged to explicitly create new modules under game/gamesrc/ when they want to implement their game - gamesrc/ is empty by default except for the example folders that contain template files to use for this purpose. We also added the file, implementing a new, flat API. Work is ongoing to add support for mud-specific telnet extensions, notably the MSDP and GMCP out-of-band extensions. On the community side, evennia's dev blog was started and linked on planet Mud-dev aggregator.

Nov 2011:

After creating several different proof-of-concept game systems (in contrib and privately) as well testing lots of things to make sure the implementation is basically sound, we are declaring Evennia out of Alpha. This can mean as much or as little as you want, admittedly - development is still heavy but the issue list is at an all-time low and the server is slowly stabilizing as people try different things with it. So Beta it is!

Aug 2011:

Split Evennia into two processes: Portal and Server. After a lot of work trying to get in-memory code-reloading to work, it's clear this is not Python's forte - it's impossible to catch all exceptions, especially in asynchronous code like this. Trying to do so results in hackish, flakey and unstable code. With the Portal-Server split, the Server can simply be rebooted while players connected to the Portal remain connected. The two communicates over twisted's AMP protocol.

May 2011:

The new version of Evennia, originally hitting trunk in Aug2010, is maturing. All commands from the pre-Aug version, including IRC/IMC2 support works again. An ajax web-client was added earlier in the year, including moving Evennia to be its own webserver (no more need for Apache or django-testserver). Contrib-folder added.

Aug 2010:

Evennia-griatch-branch is ready for merging with trunk. This marks a rather big change in the inner workings of the server, such as the introduction of TypeClasses and Scripts (as compared to the old ScriptParents and Events) but should hopefully bring everything together into one consistent package as code development continues.

May 2010:

Evennia is currently being heavily revised and cleaned from the years of gradual piecemeal development. It is thus in a very 'Alpha' stage at the moment. This means that old code snippets will not be backwards compatabile. Changes touch almost all parts of Evennia's innards, from the way Objects are handled to Events, Commands and Permissions.

April 2010:

Griatch takes over Maintainership of the Evennia project from the original creator Greg Taylor.

(Earlier revisions, with previous maintainer, go back to 2005)

Contact, Support and Development

Make a post to the mailing list or chat us up on IRC. We also have a bug tracker if you want to report bugs. Finally, if you are willing to help with the code work, we much appreciate all help! Visit either of the following resources: