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Contrib folder

evennia/contrib/ contains 'contributions': extra snippets of code that are potentially very useful for the game coder but which are considered too game-specific to be a part of the main Evennia game server. These modules are not used unless you explicitly import them. See each file for more detailed instructions on how to install.

Modules in this folder are distributed under the same licence as Evennia unless noted differently in the individual module.

If you want to edit, tweak or expand on this code you should copy the things you want from here into your game folder and change them there.

Contrib modules

  • Barter system (Griatch 2012) - A safe and effective barter-system for any game. Allows safe trading of any goods (including coin).
  • Building menu (vincent-lg 2018) - An @edit command for modifying objects using a generated menu. Customizable for different games.
  • CharGen (Griatch 2011) - A simple Character creator for OOC mode. Meant as a starting point for a more fleshed-out system.
  • Clothing (FlutterSprite 2017) - A layered clothing system with slots for different types of garments auto-showing in description.
  • Color-markups (Griatch, 2017) - Alternative in-game color markups.
  • Custom gametime (Griatch, vlgeoff 2017) - Implements Evennia's gametime module but for custom game world-specific calendars.
  • Dice (Griatch 2012) - A fully featured dice rolling system.
  • Email-login (Griatch 2012) - A variant of the standard login system that requires an email to login rather then just name+password.
  • Extended Room (Griatch 2012) - An expanded Room typeclass with multiple descriptions for time and season as well as details.
  • Field Fill (FlutterSprite 2018) - A simple system for creating an EvMenu that presents a player with a highly customizable fillable form
  • GenderSub (Griatch 2015) - Simple example (only) of storing gender on a character and access it in an emote with a custom marker.
  • Health Bar (Tim Ashley Jenkins 2017) - Tool to create colorful bars/meters.
  • Mail (grungies1138 2016) - An in-game mail system for communication.
  • Menu login (Griatch 2011) - A login system using menus asking for name/password rather than giving them as one command.
  • Map Builder (CloudKeeper 2016) - Build a game area based on a 2D "graphical" unicode map. Supports assymmetric exits.
  • Menu Login (Vincent-lg 2016) - Alternate login system using EvMenu.
  • Multidescer (Griatch 2016) - Advanced descriptions combined from many separate description components, inspired by MUSH.
  • Random String Generator (Vincent Le Goff 2017) - Simple pseudo-random generator of strings with rules, avoiding repetitions.
  • RPLanguage (Griatch 2015) - Dynamic obfuscation of emotes when speaking unfamiliar languages. Also obfuscates whispers.
  • RPSystem (Griatch 2015) - Full director-style emoting system replacing names with sdescs/recogs. Supports wearing masks.
  • Security/Auditing (Johhny 2018) - Log server input/output for debug/security.
  • Simple Door - Example of an exit that can be opened and closed.
  • Slow exit (Griatch 2014) - Custom Exit class that takes different time to pass depending on if you are walking/running etc.
  • Talking NPC (Griatch 2011) - A talking NPC object that offers a menu-driven conversation tree.
  • Tree Select (FlutterSprite 2017) - A simple system for creating a branching EvMenu with selection options sourced from a single multi-line string.
  • Wilderness (titeuf87 2017) - Make infinitely large wilderness areas with dynamically created locations.
  • UnixCommand (Vincent Le Geoff 2017) - Add commands with UNIX-style syntax.

Contrib packages

  • EGI_Client (gtaylor 2016) - Client for reporting game status to the Evennia game index (
  • In-game Python (Vincent Le Goff 2017) - Allow trusted builders to script objects and events using Python from in-game.
  • Turnbattle (FlutterSprite 2017) - A turn-based combat engine meant as a start to build from. Has attack/disengage and turn timeouts, and includes optional expansions for equipment and combat movement, magic and ranged combat.
  • Tutorial examples (Griatch 2011, 2015) - A folder of basic example objects, commands and scripts.
  • Tutorial world (Griatch 2011, 2015) - A folder containing the rooms, objects and commands for building the Tutorial world.
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