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@codeliner codeliner released this Mar 19, 2019 · 13 commits to master since this release

0.1 Dev Release

Event Engine supersedes Event Machine

It will become a new major version taking all the great ideas of Event Machine and add many new features on top.

The namespace change is required due to naming conflicts with existing projects. We were able to register which will become the new home for the online documentation and some more stuff.

Version 0.1 marks an important milestone. All concepts of Event Machine have been ported to Event Engine and we've added many new features. We don't expect bigger breaking changes from now on. Event Engine is already used in a project, so we were able to test and verify the new features in the real world and not only in pet projects!

One of the goals for a new major release was to remove usage of prooph/event-sourcing and prooph/service-bus. Read more about it here
This work is completed. Event Engine takes over message routing as it holds the config for it anyway. The event sourcing mechanism is now based on a custom implementation, specifically designed to support the ideas behind Event Engine.

We tried to support the public API of Event Machine in Event Engine as much as possible. However, some changes are not compatible with Event Engine and require a migration. If you need a migration guide please ping us! Event Machine had no stable release (v1.0 of Event Machine is released at the same time as v0.1 of Event Engine). We plan to provide a list of changes and of course a list of all new features. However, a detailed migration instruction is not planed due to missing time!

What's Next

We're heading towards Event Engine v1.0, but there is still a lot of work ahead.

Repo Split

To ease initial development of new features and the new Event Engine core, we've put all code in the event-engine/php-engine repo. If you look at it you'll recognize that it uses multiple namespaces. Each namespace will be moved to its own repository on github, except the Event Engine core. That said, while it's enough to require event-engine/php-engine: v0.1 today, you'll need to require more packages in the future. A skeleton application similar to the current Event Machine Skeleton will provide a default set of packages for fast project ramp up.

More Detailed Tests

Once the repo is split, we'll release a v0.2 of all packages and start to add tests to each. At the moment main functionality of Event Engine is tested with high level integration tests, but don't expect a fully stable system. We make heavy use of EE in a project, but we don't use all new features yet and also use a custom Flavour for the project because we've migrated an existing code base from prooph v6 to EE.


Documentation of Event Machine was never completed. The tutorial covered everything to get started and we definitely plan to provide a similar one for Event Engine. However, this time an incomplete documentation is considered as a blocker for a stable v1.0 release. While still being very beginner friendly, Event Engine is grown into a very flexible framework suitable for all kinds of projects. This requires comprehensive documentation so that everybody can use the full power of Event Engine.

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