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Client for Eventbrite's HTTP-based API

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Mark this project as deprecated in favor of new version
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This project has been deprecated

This project has been deprecate in favor of our newer version. Please begin using the eventbrite-sdk-python instead.


A simple python-based http client for the Eventbrite API

For the latest information on this project, take a look at:

Usage Examples


NOTE: This package requires a JSON library - by default we check for "simplejson" or use the built-in "json" library provided in python 2.6+

Installation using easy_install

easy_install eventbrite

Installation using pip

pip install eventbrite

Loading the Eventbrite API Client library code

import eventbrite

Initializing the client

Your API / Application key is required to initialize the client -

Set your user_key if you want to access private data -

eb_auth_tokens = {'app_key':  'YOUR_APP_KEY',
                  'user_key': 'YOUR_USER_KEY'}
eb_client = eventbrite.EventbriteClient(eb_auth_tokens)

Initializing the client with an OAuth2.0 access_token

eb_client = eventbrite.EventbriteClient({'access_code': 'YOUR_OAUTH2_ACCESS_TOKEN'})

Calling API methods

See Eventbrite's API method documentation for more information about the list of available client methods.

Here is an example using the API's user_list_events method:

response = eb_client.user_list_events()

The event_get API call should look like this:

response = eb_client.event_get({'id':1848891083})


Rendering an event in html as a ticketWidget is easy:

response = eb_client.event_get({'id':1848891083})
widget_html = eventbrite.EventbriteWidgets.ticketWidget(response['event'])


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