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REST API For accessing Cameo Event Data generated by SPEC Framework. Details can be found here at UT Dallas Event Data website.

How to access:

The webserver is running on a machine hosted in Big Data Management and Analytics Lab @ UTD. So currently it is accessible from within the UTD network. You can use VPN if you are away. Instructions for that can be found here

To access the data use the follwoing url format.<api-key-here>&query=<query-for-data>&select=<comma-separated-list-of-attributes>&unique=<name-of-attribute>

The select and unique parts are optional. select is used when you need only specific attributes for a record.unique is used for selecting distinct values for a particular attribute.

To get the API Key, please visit the url for signup

What you get:

The server returns the resulted data and status of operation (i.e. "success" or "error") in JSON format. The structure is as follows

     "status": <success-or-error>, 
     "data": [ ... event data array ...]

Each entry of the data array has the following structure (when nothing specified using select)

	"code": "",
	"target": "",
	"headline": "",
	"country_code": "",
	"coordinates": [X, Y],
	"content": "",
	"source": "",
	"link": "",
	"location": "",
	"date": {
	"_id": {
		"$oid": ""

If you use select like below


Then the structure will be as follows

	"code": "",
	"target": "",
	"source": "",
	"_id": {
		"$oid": ""

If unique is used like the following


The ourput will be a JSON-Array like the following.

{"status": "success", "data": ["AFGCOPGOV", "JPN", "SAUGOV", "GBR", "USRTKMCOPGOVENV", "IND", "PRTBUS", "ISRGOV", "RUS", "AUT", "CHN", "PRKGOV", "KWT", "IGOUNO", "JOR", "PSEREB", "USACVL", "ITA", "CHNGOV", "FRA", .......]

The intial database contains 2368 cameo event records.

How to query for that data:

We are using Mongo DB query syntax. The query is expressed in JSON Format. Here is some examples -

Find all the events with cameo code 033

{"code": "033"}

Find all the events with camoe code 030 and has "Seoul" as location

{"code":"030", "location":"Seoul"}

Find all the events that has "United States of America" as source or target.

{"$or":[{"source":"United States of America"}, {"target":"United States of America"}]}

Find all the events that have occurred after June 15, 2016

{"date" : { "$gt" : "$date(06-15-2016)" }}

You need to specify the date using the $date() directive. The date format is now flexible, but in future it may change.

To find out more, follow the documentation here


REST API For accessing Cameo Event Data generated by SPEC Framework.






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