Deploy apps, manage systems and automate provisioning over ssh.
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Class: Ansible

Servers and Tools

Ansible is a great tool for automating tasks across multiple machines over ssh. Instead of having to remember all of the steps to setup a machine or do a deployment, you can create playbooks that you can rerun any time, in parallel across as many machines as you have. Even better, Ansible is smart enough to make the minimum set of changes required to get a system to the correct state. You can check ansible tasks into source control making it easy to rerun tasks with confidence.

What's in this class?

  • Introducing Ansible - Learn how Ansible lets us work with many roles across multiple machines.

  • Setup - Install Ansible, bring up the virtual machines and create roles.

  • Ad-Hoc Commands - Run Ansible module commands from the command line.

  • Playbooks - Create a sequence of tasks for a given set of hosts.

  • Roles - Organize behaviors by using roles.

  • Variables - Use variables in playbooks and roles.

  • Templates - Copy dynamic templates up to the server that use variables.

  • Encryption - Encrypt sensitive files that can be checked into source control.