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EE Code Snippet Library

This is a community-maintained repository of code snippets that help modify the default behaviour of Event Espresso. This takes inspiration from the community library Easy Digital Downloads has. Much of the guidelines and organizational structure is also copied from Easy Digital Downloads because it's so awesome!

All snippets are organized into categories represented by folders and each snippet is placed in its own file with a name that describes what it does. We've also listed all of the snippets in a searchable spreadsheet:

Submitting Your Snippet

Anyone is welcome and encouraged to submit their code snippets. To do so, please Fork the repository and then create a pull request.

Remember the following when creating a pull request:

  1. Each snippet should be placed in it's own file.
  2. Each file should be named appropriately based on the purpose of the snippet.
  3. Files should be placed in the appropriate folder (or category). If no appropriate folder exists, you may create one with your pull request.
  4. All functions and classes should be prefixed with your own unique prefix, preferrably one that contains your initials followed by _ee_. For example, de_ee_my_awesome_code_snippet.

Proposing a Snippet

If you aren't able to find a snippet to solve a problem you have, please open an issue and describe your need. While we do consider all incoming requests, we encourage community participation in meeting these requests as our priority is given to customers with support licenses.


This is not a support portal, nor is it a tutorial resource. All code found in this library is provide as is, with no guarantee or promise of functionality. Due to the constant evolution of the EE codebase, it is possible that the behaviour of any of these snippets may change overtime. If you discover something that doesn't work, let us know

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