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function tw_ee_espresso_reg_report_filter_columns_ordered( $csv_row, $registration_db_row ) {
//Set the allowed fields here and also set them in the order you want them to be displayed within the CSV
$allowed_fields_in_order = array(
__( 'Last Name', 'event_espresso' ) . '[ATT_lname]',
__( 'First Name', 'event_espresso' ) . '[ATT_fname]',
__( 'Email Address', 'event_espresso' ) . '[ATT_email]',
//Flip the array so the values are now the keys.
$allowed_fields_in_order = array_flip($allowed_fields_in_order);
//Set the value for each of the array elements to an empty string.
//This is incase any of the above questions do not exist in the current registration's questions,
//they still need to be included in the row but the value should be nothing.
$allowed_fields_in_order = array_fill_keys(array_keys($allowed_fields_in_order), '');
//Sets $filtered_csv_row to only contain the 'allowed' fields.
$filtered_csv_row = array_intersect_key(
//Now lets set $filtered_csv_row to use the same custom order we set $allowed_fields_in_order to
$filtered_csv_row = array_merge( $allowed_fields_in_order, $filtered_csv_row );
return $filtered_csv_row;
add_filter( 'FHEE__EE_Export__report_registrations__reg_csv_array', 'tw_ee_espresso_reg_report_filter_columns_ordered', 10, 2);
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