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Event Espresso 4 Core for WordPress: Build an Event Ticketing Website Today!
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EE DevBox Server Bumping version to 4.10.4.rc.010. Previous Commit message: "Document …
…model IDs (#2301)

* fix a markdown typo

* add new doc all about primary keys

* rename the new doc. Add some links to it

* Update docs/G--Model-System/

Co-Authored-By: Brent Christensen <>

* Update docs/G--Model-System/

Co-Authored-By: Brent Christensen <>

Co-authored-by: Josh Feck <>
Co-authored-by: Brent Christensen <>
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.github update pull request template Aug 9, 2019
acceptance_tests Add fix for automated test helper May 3, 2018
admin_pages Avoid fatal errors when permanently deleting registrations (#2382) Feb 12, 2020
assets Fix Asset Dependencies (#1670) Oct 7, 2019
bin New CSS Framework Updates (#1294) Jul 2, 2019
caffeinated remove server server option (so users could switch to or from akamai … Jan 29, 2020
core Minor PHP 7.4 fixes (#2364) Feb 7, 2020
docs Document model IDs (#2301) Feb 13, 2020
eslint Bump @wordpress/eslint-plugin from 1.0.1 to 2.1.0 (#1125) Apr 23, 2019
languages removing obsolete lang files Nov 14, 2013
modules Don't release ticket reservations for transactions that are in… (#2060) Jan 25, 2020
payment_methods remove mijireh payment method, modules, and test files (#1829) Nov 29, 2019
public Fix `espresso_event_reg_button()` template tag (#1356) Jun 26, 2019
shortcodes Fix phpcs violations with specific rule exclusions on linting rules. … May 6, 2018
tests Don't release ticket reservations for transactions that are in… (#2060) Jan 25, 2020
ui use default_avatar option instead of hardcoding in “Mystery Man” (#800) Nov 30, 2018
widgets Fix phpcs violations with specific rule exclusions on linting rules. … May 6, 2018
wp-assets Merge branch '01-master' into 03-beta Jan 10, 2015
.editorconfig Iteration 1 of the new WordPress editor and blocks system integration ( Nov 9, 2018
.eslintignore Implements CRUD behaviour in the custom stores for EE models Jan 24, 2019
.eslintrc.js Implements CRUD behaviour in the custom stores for EE models Jan 24, 2019
.gitattributes beefed up gitattributes in alpha version too Mar 8, 2013
.gitignore ignore font cache files Sep 20, 2018
.npmrc add npmrc file and set save-exact = false Jul 16, 2019
.nvmrc set an .nvmrc and update docs with instructions about node and npm Apr 5, 2018
.travis.yml Fix travis ci config (#2292) Jan 28, 2020 update travis to allow for triggering js_only test builds. (#1085) Apr 15, 2019
babel.config.js BUG: Build files with wp element not react (fixes #953) (#1425) Jul 23, 2019
circle.yml add big_rest_tests to the exclude group in the phpunit.xml [touch: 10… Jun 2, 2017
composer.json Add phpcs linting configuration (fixes #357) (#378) May 2, 2018
composer.lock Bump composer/installers from 1.6.0 to 1.7.0 (#1505) Aug 13, 2019
espresso.php Bumping version to 4.10.4.rc.010. Previous Commit message: "Document … Feb 13, 2020
index.php [touch:3381]{t:240}all this work revolved around getting paypal stand… Sep 17, 2013
info.json Bumping version to 4.10.3.p Jan 22, 2020
js-green-licenses.json Fix travis ci config (#2292) Jan 28, 2020
license.txt Normalize Strings again Mar 8, 2013
package-lock.json Fix travis ci config (#2292) Jan 28, 2020
package.json Merge pull request #2163 from eventespresso/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/w… Jan 25, 2020
phpcs.xml Add phpcs linting configuration (fixes #357) (#378) May 2, 2018
phpstorm-webpack.config.js Implements CRUD behaviour in the custom stores for EE models Jan 24, 2019
postcss.config.js fix code style for all existing js Apr 10, 2018
readme.txt update version numbers Oct 23, 2019
translation-map.json fix exit modal height (#841) Dec 20, 2018
webpack.common.js Bump css-loader from 2.1.1 to 3.0.0 (#1306) Jun 12, 2019 Add automatic dependency management/externals generation to build pro… Jun 4, 2019 modify config in wpi18n webpack plugin because of changes Jun 5, 2019

Event Espresso Core

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Event Espresso 4 - Event Ticketing and Registration System

Event Espresso is an event ticketing and registration platform for WordPress. Event Espresso makes it easy for you to register attendees for classes, workshops, events, trainings, conferences or concerts, all from your WordPress website. Event Espresso events are created from the WordPress admin area. You can create signup forms to collect information about your attendees, accept payments, and create reports.

Support License

Purchase a Premium Support License to get access to more features (including one-click upgrades, growing list of add-ons).

Installing Event Espresso

Event Espresso can be installed via the WordPress Dashboard or through FTP or SFTP.

View Event Espresso 4 Install Documentation →


Resources on Event Espresso 4 for a beginner to advanced users.

View Event Espresso 4 Documentation →

Notable changes for each released version of the project can be found in our changelog

Mobile Event Apps

The Event Espresso 4 check-in & ticket scanning event app is available for Android and Apple devices.

View Mobile Event App Documentation →


Be the first to know when we ship new features ... signup here.

Community Chat

Join a real-time community chat group for professionals that are leading the way in events from event management, event technology and event marketing to work-life balance.

Join the Discussion →


This is the full version of the plugin and provides everything that you need to sell tickets, collect payments, and manage events all from within your WordPress dashboard.

Buy a Premium Support License to get access to more features (including one-click upgrades, growing list of add-ons).

Note: for non stable versions. We currently use minor versioning numbers such as (4.1.rc.125) for rapid development occurring. On master, minor versions represent minor releases i.e. (4.1.1.p) that typically only include bug fixes and minor features. Releases including bigger features bump the second number (i.e. 4.1.1 -> 4.2.0 ). "rc" in the version number indicates that it is a non-stable release candidate version. "p" in the version number indicates a released version (usually only tags will have .p) In the list below we do not include minor version numbers.

This is the Core for Event Espresso 4. This file is targeted for display with our GitHub repo. For detailed information via traditional readme, see the readme.txt file.

Extra: The code structure and phpdoc parsed documentation can be found at

Developer Targeted Documentation can be found at Developer News & Updates can be found at

Event Espresso Releases

At Event Espresso we follow a set pattern for releases:

  1. Active development for new features happens on a FET/{ticket-number}/{description} branch. We continually merge master into the feature branch while its in development. Once its complete, then testing is done on it and its merged back to master ready for release.
  2. Bug fixes etc. are done on a BUG/{ticket-number}/{description} branch. Same methodology is used as with Feature branches.
  3. Stable releases are tagged both with a tests folder and without the tests folder.
  4. Master is technically always production ready and release ready but may not be equal to what the current stable release is (that is what tags are for).


For all testers on GitHub, please take note of the following when reporting issues.

  1. There is a difference between a feature and a bug, we consider a bug is something that reveals brokenness in intended functionality. A feature, is something beyond intended functionality. To help determine the difference, think about your issue like this, "I know A does C, however I wish it did D." If you find yourself saying that, its a feature. For Event Espresso, GitHub is not the place to suggest a new feature UNLESS you've already got a pull request to implement it (see pull requests section below). Info on sponsoring new features can be found here. If you aren't sure whether something is a feature or bug feel free to post the issue - however we give priority to bug issues here.

  2. UI/UX issues may be considered a bug but not if it requires a major change in design. Feel free to report things you find confusing or needing improvement however reports accompanied by a pull request will likely get faster attention.

  3. Report your issue as clearly as possible. By "clear" we mean:

    i. Specify the branch this occurred in.

    ii. Be specific about the steps you took to reproduce.

    iii. Feel free to use screenshots/screencasts to illustrate

    iv. Use URLs for the page the issue to place on where possible.

  4. Don't "bump" bug reports if we don't respond right away. We see every report coming in, but we'll only reply if we need clarification or if we think its invalid. Otherwise, we're likely working on a fix and the issue will be updated when the fix is complete.

Pull Requests

One of the reasons we published this repository on GitHub is because we wanted to open up EE development to 3rd party developers who might want to contribute to the codebase. GitHub makes this really easy to do so via pull requests. If you don't know what pull requests are, please read up on them via the GitHub help/documentation.

Here's how we deal with pull requests for our repo:

  1. Any new FEATURES in a pull request should be based off of the master branch. If your feature pull request is based off any other branch it will not be considered.
  2. Any BUGFIX pull requests should be based off of the branch the bug was found. Please verify if it is in master before submitting the pull request. If it is in reproducible on master, we'd prefer to have the pull request based off master.
  3. We greatly appreciate any pull-requests submitted for consideration, but please understand we are very selective in what we decide to include in EE core. If the "feature" is something that expands too much on our design decisions for EE core then we may suggest you develop your pull request into an add-on for EE.

You may find our post on contributing to open source software helpful.

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