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EE Coding Standards and Best Practices

Here at Event Espresso, we ascribe to a certain set of coding standards and guidelines for all our code. The documents in this folder outline these standards. If you want to contribute to the Event Espresso codebase, please familiarize yourself with these standards.

Why Have Coding Standards?

Coding standards help avoid common coding errors, improve the readability of code, and simplify modification. They ensure that files within the project are consistent and organized.

We established coding standards because code isn’t only supposed to do things, but it’s also supposed to be beautiful. We believe ugly code often leads to ugly behaviour.

Table of Contents

Document Description
PHPDoc Formatting Standards related to formatting phpdoc blocks
PHP Standards for EE PHP code style standards
EE Actions and Filters Standards related to WordPress actions and filters in EE
Code Reviews and Testing Code Review Best Practices in EE
Javascript Best Practices Various best practices and tools related to EE javascript
Code Style Tools and Resources Tools and Resources for EE code styles and best practices (including IDE instructions, linting etc)