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The documents in this folder are all related to the REST API in EE core.

Table of Contents

GET Requests


RPC Style Endpoints

There are a few endpoints in the EE4 REST API that really don't follow the REST way of doing things, and are more like RPC (Remote Procedure Calls). These endpoints aren't just for simple reading, inserting, updating, or deleting. They have a bunch of other logic tied in there, which can sometimes be handy, so that your application doesn't need to implement all this logic itself (of course if you don't want all this extra logic, you're welcome to use the more traditional RESTy read and writing endpoints instead).

Write Endpoints


There are some handy libraries and tools that have been built that integrate with the REST API.

Library Description
eejs-api (VUE.js library) When implemented you can use this to automatically build EE model and collection components that can be used in your views.

Related Tutorials

Don't miss the REST API tutorials in our tutorials section.