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Event Espresso Model System

In Event Espresso 4 (EE4), we have built a system which simplifies creating, retrieving, updating and deleting data from tables used by Event Espresso. It is built on top of WordPress' wpdb class, and should generally be used in place of it, but is not mandatory. It's also an option to use normal WP_Query functions for retrieiving EE4 Custom Post Type (CPT) data. The main advantages of using our model system are it:

  • automates performing tricky joins between related tables.
  • reduces boiler-plate code and makes code more concise.
  • strives to be DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself).
  • model objects returned are more well-defined (less need to use var_dumps), and provide lots of helper methods for accessing data in different formats and accessing related items.

Table of Contents

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