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Creating queries in EventFlow is simple.

First create a value object that contains the data required for the query. In this example we want to search for users based on their username.

public class GetUserByUsernameQuery : IQuery<User>
  public string Username { get; }

  public GetUserByUsernameQuery(string username)
    Username = username;

Next create a query handler that implements how the query is processed.

public class GetUserByUsernameQueryHandler :
  IQueryHandler<GetUserByUsernameQuery, User>
  private IUserReadModelRepository _userReadModelRepository;

  public GetUserByUsernameQueryHandler(
    IUserReadModelRepository userReadModelRepository)
    _userReadModelRepository = userReadModelRepository;

  Task<User> ExecuteQueryAsync(
    GetUserByUsernameQuery query,
    CancellationToken cancellationToken)
    return _userReadModelRepository.GetByUsernameAsync(

Last step is to register the query handler in EventFlow. Here we show the simple, but cumbersome version, you should use one of the overloads that scans an entire assembly.

  .AddQueryHandler<GetUserByUsernameQueryHandler, GetUserByUsernameQuery, User>()

Then in order to use the query in your application, you need a reference to the IQueryProcessor, which in our case is stored in the _queryProcessor field.

var user = await _queryProcessor.ProcessAsync(
  new GetUserByUsernameQuery("root")

Queries shipped with EventFlow

  • ReadModelByIdQuery<TReadModel>: Supported by both the in-memory and MSSQL read model stores automatically as soon as you define the read model use using the EventFlow options for that store
  • InMemoryQuery<TReadModel>: Takes a Predicate<TReadModel> and returns IEnumerable<TReadModel>, making it possible to search all of your in-memory read models based on any predicate
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