Event Sourcing and Microservices Stack for Ruby
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Host for Ruby components that use the actor library.


# The "component initiator" binds consumers to their streams and starts
# the consumers
# Until this point, handlers have no knowledge of which streams they process
# Starting the consumers starts the stream readers and gets messages flowing
# into the consumer's handlers
module SomeComponent
  def self.call
    command_stream_name = 'something:command'

# ComponentHost is the runnable part of the service
# Register a component module with the component host, then start the host
# and messages sent to its streams are dispatched to the handlers
component_name = 'some-component'
ComponentHost.start(component_name) do |host|

More Documentation

See the Eventide documentation site for more information, examples, and user guides.


The component-host library is released under the MIT License.