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File: em.h
Date: 06Apr06
Copyright (C) 2006-07 by Francis Cianfrocca. All Rights Reserved.
Gmail: blackhedd
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of either: 1) the GNU General Public License
as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the
License, or (at your option) any later version; or 2) Ruby's License.
See the file COPYING for complete licensing information.
#ifndef __EventMachine__H_
#define __EventMachine__H_
#include <ruby.h>
#define EmSelect rb_thread_select
#if defined(HAVE_RBTRAP)
#include <rubysig.h>
extern "C" {
void rb_enable_interrupt(void);
void rb_disable_interrupt(void);
#define TRAP_BEG rb_enable_interrupt()
#define TRAP_END do { rb_disable_interrupt(); rb_thread_check_ints(); } while(0)
#define TRAP_BEG
#define TRAP_END
// 1.9.0 compat
#ifndef RUBY_UBF_IO
#define EmSelect select
class EventableDescriptor;
class InotifyDescriptor;
class EventMachine_t
class EventMachine_t
static int GetMaxTimerCount();
static void SetMaxTimerCount (int);
EventMachine_t (EMCallback);
virtual ~EventMachine_t();
void Run();
void ScheduleHalt();
void SignalLoopBreaker();
const unsigned long InstallOneshotTimer (int);
const unsigned long ConnectToServer (const char *, int, const char *, int);
const unsigned long ConnectToUnixServer (const char *);
const unsigned long CreateTcpServer (const char *, int);
const unsigned long OpenDatagramSocket (const char *, int);
const unsigned long CreateUnixDomainServer (const char*);
const unsigned long OpenKeyboard();
//const char *Popen (const char*, const char*);
const unsigned long Socketpair (char* const*);
void Add (EventableDescriptor*);
void Modify (EventableDescriptor*);
const unsigned long AttachFD (int, bool);
int DetachFD (EventableDescriptor*);
void ArmKqueueWriter (EventableDescriptor*);
void ArmKqueueReader (EventableDescriptor*);
void SetTimerQuantum (int);
static void SetuidString (const char*);
static int SetRlimitNofile (int);
pid_t SubprocessPid;
int SubprocessExitStatus;
int GetConnectionCount();
float GetHeartbeatInterval();
int SetHeartbeatInterval(float);
const unsigned long WatchFile (const char*);
void UnwatchFile (int);
void UnwatchFile (const unsigned long);
void _HandleKqueueFileEvent (struct kevent*);
void _RegisterKqueueFileEvent(int);
const unsigned long WatchPid (int);
void UnwatchPid (int);
void UnwatchPid (const unsigned long);
void _HandleKqueuePidEvent (struct kevent*);
uint64_t GetCurrentLoopTime() { return MyCurrentLoopTime; }
// Temporary:
void _UseEpoll();
void _UseKqueue();
bool UsingKqueue() { return bKqueue; }
bool UsingEpoll() { return bEpoll; }
void QueueHeartbeat(EventableDescriptor*);
void ClearHeartbeat(uint64_t, EventableDescriptor*);
uint64_t GetRealTime();
bool _RunOnce();
bool _RunTimers();
void _UpdateTime();
void _AddNewDescriptors();
void _ModifyDescriptors();
void _InitializeLoopBreaker();
void _CleanupSockets();
bool _RunSelectOnce();
bool _RunEpollOnce();
bool _RunKqueueOnce();
void _ModifyEpollEvent (EventableDescriptor*);
void _DispatchHeartbeats();
timeval _TimeTilNextEvent();
void _CleanBadDescriptors();
void _ReadLoopBreaker();
void _ReadInotifyEvents();
enum {
MaxEpollDescriptors = 64*1024,
MaxEvents = 4096
int HeartbeatInterval;
EMCallback EventCallback;
class Timer_t: public Bindable_t {
multimap<uint64_t, Timer_t> Timers;
multimap<uint64_t, EventableDescriptor*> Heartbeats;
map<int, Bindable_t*> Files;
map<int, Bindable_t*> Pids;
vector<EventableDescriptor*> Descriptors;
vector<EventableDescriptor*> NewDescriptors;
set<EventableDescriptor*> ModifiedDescriptors;
uint64_t NextHeartbeatTime;
int LoopBreakerReader;
int LoopBreakerWriter;
#ifdef OS_WIN32
struct sockaddr_in LoopBreakerTarget;
timeval Quantum;
uint64_t MyCurrentLoopTime;
#ifdef OS_WIN32
unsigned TickCountTickover;
unsigned LastTickCount;
bool bTerminateSignalReceived;
bool bEpoll;
int epfd; // Epoll file-descriptor
struct epoll_event epoll_events [MaxEvents];
bool bKqueue;
int kqfd; // Kqueue file-descriptor
struct kevent Karray [MaxEvents];
InotifyDescriptor *inotify; // pollable descriptor for our inotify instance
struct SelectData_t
struct SelectData_t
int _Select();
int maxsocket;
fd_set fdreads;
fd_set fdwrites;
fd_set fderrors;
timeval tv;
int nSockets;
#endif // __EventMachine__H_
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