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Accept optional OPENSSL_VERSION when cross-compiling

ruby-pg project no longer uses 1.0.0a version but 1.0.1c instead. When
follow the warning instructions users will still fail to obtain the right

Allowing to provide an alternative version is good :-)
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1 parent 923c8ac commit 01067fff10272d0a91e68e09bad5aa7cdbdaf95f @luislavena luislavena committed Jun 28, 2012
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  1. +2 −1 ext/extconf.rb
3 ext/extconf.rb
@@ -40,7 +40,8 @@ def manual_ssl_config
- openssl_dir = File.expand_path("~/.rake-compiler/builds/openssl-1.0.0a/")
+ openssl_version = ENV.fetch("OPENSSL_VERSION", "1.0.0a")
+ openssl_dir = File.expand_path("~/.rake-compiler/builds/openssl-#{openssl_version}/")
if File.exists?(openssl_dir)
FileUtils.mkdir_p Dir.pwd+"/openssl/"
FileUtils.cp Dir[openssl_dir+"/include/openssl/*.h"], Dir.pwd+"/openssl/", :verbose => true

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