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EventMachine::defer stuck in operation block #127

meetme2meat opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Well I found EventMachine::defer to be working very fine until I Got this weird issue
To Exactly let you know what the issue is
Let me describe my architecture first (because I don't know how to describe the issue)
I am sending a data from a server to other server(running on eventmachine) using AMQP

The data is in serialize format (YAML possible) .The EventMachine has a defer statement which has a operation block which accept message from the queue parse and process it and return the result to callback to further processing.

What I notice is that the operation block seem to stuck after picking the message from the queue and do nothing

Here my code to better explain it.

EventMachine::run {
EventMachine::add_periodic_timer(10) {
@operation_block = {
//pick message for the queue

message = queue.pop
if message
// Reach here
puts message // Display the message on console but never run the code below it (some how stuck and never move forward) and do nothing after this.

yaml_message = YAML.load(message)

// Processing logic

I hope I manage to address the issue problem without confusing it


This is likely because you are raising an exception in the defer block which is killing the worker thread. Try adding this to the top of your script:

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