Forking after EventMachine reactor is running makes it disfunctional #213

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michaelklishin commented May 31, 2011

This is a reminder for a known problem: if EventMachine reactor is started before main process forks (a very common case with Unicorn and Passenger), EventMachine reactor becomes effectively disfunctional: EventMachine.reactor_running? returns true but no data is sent, EventMachine.stop has no effect and to completely reset reactor state one has to violate incapsulation by using Object#instance_variable_set.


tmm1 commented May 31, 2011

We need to detect forks, possibly in if has changed.

This usually causes problems using AMQP with forking http servers like unicorn and passenger. I initially wrote AMQP.fork as a workaround. Currently a hack is required:

     if EM.reactor_running?
       EM.instance_variable_set('@reactor_running', false)

tmm1 commented Sep 10, 2011

This should work, can you verify?

diff --git a/lib/eventmachine.rb b/lib/eventmachine.rb
index 6e0fbf3..b2044e7 100644
--- a/lib/eventmachine.rb
+++ b/lib/eventmachine.rb
@@ -154,9 +154,15 @@ module EventMachine
     # which throws something inside of #run. Without the ensure, the second test
     # will start without release_machine being called and will immediately throw

-    #
+    if reactor_running? and @reactor_pid !=
+      # Reactor was started in a different parent, meaning we have forked.
+      # Clean up reactor state so a new reactor boots up in this child.
+      stop_event_loop
+      release_machine
+      @reactor_running = false
+    end

+    # Add tail call block
     tail and @tails.unshift(tail)

     if reactor_running?
@@ -169,6 +175,7 @@ module EventMachine
       @next_tick_queue ||= []
       @tails ||= []
+        @reactor_pid =
         @reactor_running = true
         (b = blk || block) and add_timer(0, b)

tmm1 was assigned Sep 10, 2011


michaelklishin commented Sep 10, 2011

Thank you, I will take a look in the next day or two.

raggi closed this in 427a76d Sep 29, 2011

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