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set_comm_inactivity_timeout doesn't cause unbind() to be called with cause (in EM server side) #216

ibc opened this Issue Jun 2, 2011 · 3 comments

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ibc commented Jun 2, 2011

I start a EM TCP server (1.0.0.beta3) and set set_comm_inactivity_timeout=5.

A client connects to the server and sends/receives no data. After 5 seconds unbind() is called with no cause argument. Shouldn't it be called with Errno::ETIMEDOUT?

Also, there is no way to know if the connection has been locally or remotely terminated. As a hack I rewrite close_connection() and close_connection_atfer_writing() (I set an attribute @local_disconenction=true) but these methods are not called when inactivity_timeout triggers, so I have no way to know who has closed the connection, neither the reason (as no cause is passed to unbind method).

So basically I suggest unbind() to be called with Errno::ETIMEDOUT when EM has accepted a connection but no data is sent/received so comm_inactivity_timeout triggers.

ibc commented Sep 12, 2011

Hi, any comment about this issue?

Thanks a lot.

mislav commented Jan 15, 2012

EM does call unbind with ETIMEDOUT, but only if the unbind method has an arity of 1. If your unbind method is declared like this:

def unbind(reason = nil)
  # ...

EM will call unbind but not pass it an argument. I patched this in #289

ibc commented Jan 15, 2012

Great! Thanks a lot.

@sodabrew sodabrew closed this Apr 8, 2016
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