1.0.0.beta.3-x86-mingw32 gem doesn't include fastfilereaderext.rb #222

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phiggins commented Jul 6, 2011

The binary gem for Windows doesn't include the fastfilereaderext.rb shim used to load the correct .so file for the ruby version being used. The package task includes code to create one, but for whatever reason it is not present in the gem:

phiggins@gibson:/tmp$ gem unpack eventmachine-1.0.0.beta.3-x86-mingw32.gem 
Unpacked gem: '/tmp/eventmachine-1.0.0.beta.3-x86-mingw32'
phiggins@gibson:/tmp$ ls eventmachine-1.0.0.beta.3-x86-mingw32/lib/
1.8  1.9  em  eventmachine.rb  jeventmachine.rb  rubyeventmachine.rb

This causes code using EM.stream_file_data to fail when using the binary gem on Windows.

Installing the DevKit and building the prerelease gem with gem install eventmachine --pre --platform=ruby solves the problem, so it is probably just a gem packaging issue.


tmm1 commented Oct 5, 2011

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