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project.h - compilation on VC2008 fails #253

rafalbigaj opened this Issue Sep 6, 2011 · 0 comments

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stdint.h has been added to VC2010 - _MSC_VER=1600
It's still not present in VC2008 - _MSC_VER=1500

in file ext/project.h l. 100, should be:
#if !defined(_MSC_VER) || _MSC_VER > 1500
#if !defined(_MSC_VER) || _MSC_VER > 1400


Rafal Bigaj

@tmm1 tmm1 closed this in ea2f9b9 Sep 7, 2011
@pbozeman pbozeman pushed a commit to pbozeman/eventmachine that referenced this issue Oct 26, 2011
@raggi raggi Merge branch 'master' into close_schedule_fix
* master: (146 commits)
  Fix reconnect on unix-domain connection #261
  Fix rake-compiler cross compiling issues for win32 gems
  Another compile warning
  Fix compile warning
  README grammar fix
  bump rake-compiler dependency
  Remove dependency on readbytes.rb for ruby 1.9 (fixes #167, #234)
  Fix compilation on MSVC2008 (fixes #253)
  fix code samples in iterator docs
  pull pause/resume logic down into EventableDescriptor
  test EM::Connection#pause on popen connections
  print out ssl errors to stdout before exploding
  Renaming EventMachine_t Closing to Deregister
  Watched sockets should still receive Closing
  Tweaking the patch to only affect socket shutdown and close. Ref: #242
  Alias Ruby C API methods for 1.8/1.9 compat
  Add pure-ruby implementations of EM::Connection#set_sock_opt and #get_sock_opt
  Implement EM::Connection#set_sock_opt
  Never close STDIN, STDOUT and STDERR (i.e. only close when fd > 2) Should solve #183
  Segfault fix for pipes

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