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Use EM to display a .pdf #320

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Hi all,

I am new to Rails and EM, and I am trying to accomplish a specific task asynchronously.

In my view, i have a button which invokes a method in my controller which is called "pdfreactor".
Its aim is to generate a .pdf (by launching a .bat which is doing some stuff...) and then to display the .pdf on the client side.
As it can last more than 15 seconds, i am trying to do it asynchronously by using EM, but my .pdf is not displayed.
This is my code :
def pdfreactor

# some stuff

EventMachine::run do

# my job
job = lambda do
system @my_bat_file #Generate a .pdf (path : @varWhichContainAPath)
test = @varWhichContainAPath
callback = lambda do |test|
# Open the .pdf file
send_file(test, :type => 'application/pdf')

EventMachine::defer job, callback

respond_to do |format|
format.html { redirect_to @my_url}


  • When I click on my button, i am redirect_to @my_url
  • The job works, my .pdf file is created
  • However, send_file does not display any .pdf on the client side (there is no error in my prompt and if I use the method synchronously with a file which is already created, my send_file syntax works)

As I am pretty new to the asynchronous development, I think I am missing something.
Do you have any idea about my prob ?


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