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extconf.rb test for HAVE_MAKE_PAIR improvement #416

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Propose changing the line:

pair<int,int> tuple = make_pair(1,2);


pair<const int,int> tuple = make_pair(1,2);

This will fix compiling on Solaris with newer sun studio compilers.

The following test:

# solaris c++ compiler doesn't have make_pair()
TRY_LINK.sub!('$(CC)', '$(CXX)')
add_define 'HAVE_MAKE_PAIR' if try_link(<<SRC, '-lstdc++')
  #include <utility>
  using namespace std;
  int main(){ pair<int,int> tuple = make_pair(1,2); }
TRY_LINK.sub!('$(CXX)', '$(CC)')

only checks for the presence of make_pair function on Solaris. Newer sun studio compilers do support make_pair but do not provide the const copy constructor, ie:

template<typename T1, typename T2>
pair::pair(const pair<const T1, T2>& rhs) ...

The signature for a multimap insert is:

iterator insert(const value_type& x);

where value_type "is required to be pair"

The std::make_pair calls for multimap::insert will create the following compiler error on sun studio compilers without the STLPORT library specified:

"em.cpp", line 409: Error: Could not find a match for 
std::multimap<unsigned long long, EventableDescriptor*, std::less<unsigned long long>,
  std::allocator<std::pair<const unsigned long long, EventableDescriptor*>>>::insert(
     std::pair<unsigned long long, EventableDescriptor*>) needed in

The non HAVE_MAKE_PAIR code will work just fine. Changing the check for make_pair to also test for type conversion will work on all "compliant" standard libraries, including sun studio with "library=stlport4".


Propose changing the line:

pair tuple = make_pair(1,2);
pair tuple = make_pair(1,2);

These are identical.


Oops, the template parameters were stripped out as html tags.

@tmm1 tmm1 closed this in f254e79
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